Sunday, March 30, 2008

just couldn't wait . . .

pass christian, mississippi

i just printed these 4 pics out for a frame that was on my work island . . . and i thought they were so cute that i just couldn't wait to share them! more pics to come . . . maybe sooner than later!

remember me?

it's been over a week since my last post! if anyone is wondering where i have been . . . we have been in almost every square inch of new orleans the past week! one of my big brothers and his family came in town for their spring break and we just didn't stop the whole time! it was so fun . . . and we even got to do things we had never done in the city before. i think they had a great time . . . i know we did! i will try and get some pics up later tonight. i have been getting my office tidied up today for a fun custom order that i will definitely be posting pics of later too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring fever . . .

just a few things going on around our house!

across the street from us they have started remodeling the teal house . . . and are getting ready to build a new house on the empty lot!

our stairs are refinished!

new cover over deck is coming along . . . i love the light blue paint on the ceiling! this is something that is very common on porches in new orleans.

just moving a couple of walls to make better closet space in our master bedroom!

we finally have landscaping! the next project is to redo the yard and steps and sidewalk!

new concrete slab in back . . . now the deck can be redone and the cover can be finished!

note to self . . .

don't wake a sleeping baby . . . especially to put hand and feet prints in concrete!

little brown eyes . . . and her "fops"

a.k.a. Pops

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

noisey to really stinky . . .

really noisey yesterday . . . really stinky today! the stairs are stained . . . i love them. i'm so anxious to see how they look when they are finished! the whole house smells like stain . . . so we are off to the park!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i didn't realize . . .

that i would have a covered deck by the end of the day!
(it's not actually finished . . . but i didn't even know it was going to be started until 2 guys showed up to start working on it!)

better late than never . . .

i just realized that i was going to let you know how this recipe turned out and i never did. well . . . it was super easy . . . and very, very tasty! no leftovers . . . so that's always a good sign!

trying another new one tonight . . . i will let you know how this one turns out too . . . just don't hold your breath! it might not be tomorrow when i report back!

the sweet sound of a sander . . .

it's music to my ears! well . . . honestly . . . it's loud and annoying and ear piercing . . . but it does mean my stairs are being refinished! it's the last major inside project we have . . . and i can't wait to see how they look when they are finished! and the sooner the better . . . the sander has been on for maybe 5 minutes . . . and i'm already about to pull my hair out!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

last minute competition . . .

headed to competition . . . found out on wednesday that we had competition on saturday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

so cool . . .

i was searching for a site today that allows you enter ingredients you have at home and then will find recipes for you with those exact ingredients. i found super cook and have decided this is my new favorite website! i am not good at coming up with new things to cook . . . but i love to try new recipes. it seems like the recipes i end up trying have ingredients that i don't have . . . so i end up spending a fortune at the store to cook one meal. super cook is fantastic! i entered the ingredients that i have . . . that i knew would go well together . . . and had tons of recipes to choose from. so . . . i will let you know how tomorrow night's dinner turns out!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

just monkeyin' around . . .

outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather!

my toe hurts . . .

1 of the 3 crazy little girls that live in this house decided to take her daddy's work boots out of the closet and leave them sitting right in the doorway of my bedroom. and of course when i came into the room i was holding my little brown eyes so i didn't see what was in front of me . . . and i kicked the boot so hard that i really think i broke my little bitty pinky toe! sean thinks i'm being a little dramatic . . . but it hurts so bad!!!