Friday, October 31, 2008

ahhhh . . .

halloween is over and i can breath now! well it's not over for the people across the street that are partying like it's 1999 . . . but for us it is and i'm glad!

it has been a long week with doctors appointments . . . ear infections . . . working on costumes . . . baby pooping all over little shrimp because she took his diaper off because he pottied in it while i was in the other room!

and now that all of the fun is over . . . i'm tired (or pooped as shrimp loves to say!) and falling asleep as i type this post. which i'm not sure how considering i have pretty much just polished of the girls candy . . . don't tell them it was me when they wake up!

the girls' halloween party at school was a lot of fun today . . . and i was there helping so i was able to get some pics of the girls. it was so much fun . . . little man slept thru it all!

trick or treating was fun until the neighbor across the street ran out with his leaf blower that was supposed to be his chain saw! then the girls were ready to go home . . . well actually they were ready to go the parade. unfortunately for the girls . . . the parade ended right before we got there. fortunately for us . . . that meant no more candy to deal with in the morning and sleeping beauties at a decent time tonight! and once again . . . little man slept thru it all!
happy halloween!

happy spooky day . . .

(they were much more cooperative for pictures last year!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it doesn't get any fresher than this . . .

satsumas picked right from the tree on sunday . . . yum!

we picked a lot . . . and i'm thinking about making this with some of them.
(if we don't eat them all first!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's time . . .

to get this little monkey a big girl bed!

a couple of mornings ago . . . mommy and daddy were laying in bed wishing it wasn't already morning. little miss had made her way in when the sun came up to snuggle. shortly after, shrimp made her way into the bed with us to snuggle too. and then shortly after that . . . little miss said good morning to brown eyes as she climbed into bed with us as well.

then the light went off in my sleepy head . . . mommy and daddy didn't go get brown eyes. little miss is in here, so she didn't go get brown eyes from her crib either. shrimp is laying on me and so i know she didn't get brown eyes. and of course little man is . . . well . . . too little to get brown eyes.

brown eyes climbed out of her crib by herself! so now . . . we are thinking about a big girl bed for our little brown eyed girl!

(and no we don't let our children climb on the stairs . . . but i did feel it was photo worthy before i rescued her!)

yes i am very cute . . .

and at 1 month (and a few days) young . . . i am up to 9lbs 13 oz!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

uh-oh . . .

(photo via her cup overfloweth)

chocolate cake . . .
single serving recipe of chocolate cake . . .
easy to make in the microwave single serving of chocolate cake!

what does this mean?
hyper kids . . .
a mom who doesn't care they are hyper because they are going to love making their very own cakes!

happy mom . . .
what mom isn't happy when she has her very own chocolate cake to eat while watching her hyper kids?

now i am off to the store to get some cocoa!

Monday, October 20, 2008

this is what happens when . . .

you ask little miss to put her dishes up and she says no . . .

because brown eyes was on the table and i asked her to get down and she said no . . .

and this is what happens when i forget to put the paper towels up after i cleaned up the spilled cereal . . .

because brown eyes was still on the table and i asked her to get down and she said no again . . .

on my mind right now . . .

i think my girls might be the messiest children god ever created!
(but i wouldn't trade them for anything in the world)


we have completely outgrown our house and are very cramped!


we finally have a contract on the last house sean built in missouri that we have been sitting on for 2 years!


sean is finishing a remodel on house that has more space than ours but it's not in one of the areas we most desire to live in. it's a nice area . . . a very nice area . . . but the character and charm and the community like what we have where we are now is not the same (even with the empty, flood damaged houses that are still around us). but it's on the same street as my sister-in-law and a few blocks from my mother and father-in-law and its a couple of miles from my brother-in-law. it has a yard for the girls. the surrounding neighbors are crazy . . . and i'm not even joking in the least bit. (and i'm not referring to my sister-in-law. she lives at the very beginning of the street and this house is at the end of the street.)


why won't the lady who has the huge empty lot next to us . . . sell us part of it?


i love the grunts and funny little sounds i am hearing come from the living room as i type all of this mumbo-jumbo!


3 hours sure does go by fast!


i'm so thankful for the fact that i have 3 (messy) healthy little girls . . . i'm so thankful for the fact that we have been blessed 4 very quick times with beautiful children that fill up our home . . . i'm so thankful that we have only been sitting on this house for 2 years because it could have been longer . . . i'm so thankful for the fact that my husband is a hard working man that has the ability to create beautiful homes that gives us options as to where we can live . . . i'm so thankful for the fact that we have a big empty lot next to us that we can use whenever we want because the lady who owns it doesn't live here and we don't have to pay for the lot . . . i'm so thankful for the grunts and sounds i hear because i have a happy, healthy, and very hungy baby . . . and i'm so thankful for the 3 hours i get each morning to myself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

what i'm looking at now . . .

have i mentioned that we have been blessed with a really good sleeper?

not to mention he's a good snuggler . . . really laid back . . . very handsome . . . and wanna eat him up sweet!

(and yes . . . he already has us wrapped around his little finger.
wrapped very . . . very . . . tight!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

not my post, but such a good one . . .

when i get a comment on my blog i'm not able to reply via email and it drives me completely crazy! i just came across a post about changing the setting in your profile to enable blog authors to reply back to comments thru email!

i found the heads up about the post on tip junkie . . . and the genius post is at good & crazy people.

this is the post from good & crazy people:


For me?

Would you mind? It's easy I promise.

Will you edit your blogger profile to SHOW your email address?

I really want to reply to YOU. I have no idea who No-Reply is? I'm sure she's nice and all. But I just replied to 15 comment emails and AFTERWARDS realized half of them were to Ms. Fancy Pants No-Reply. Crap.

How to add your email to your blogger profile. (A tute)

Why? I love to reply directly to YOU when you comment! And it’s goofy to put a response to my blog in your blog comments!

{Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be the first one to comment on your lovely post!}

Step One: Open your profile page, click EDIT Profile on left side of profile.
(If you need help finding your profile page let me know).

Step two: make sure the box marked show my profile and show my email address are checked.

Step Three: Under Identity, add the email address you want comment replies to be sent.

Optional, change your display name to match your blog somehow?
Or leave as your fist name? (I use GoodNCrazy so people can relate it back to my blog).

Step Four: scroll to bottom and click save!


You did it. Now come back and comment, so I can reply to you in real email form!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

happy weekend . . .

a yummy after school treat!

my yummy treat . . . a burrito baby!
there is nothing cuter than a swaddled baby!
(ok so i treated myself to a sundae too!)
(ok, ok . . . and a vanilla ice coffee!)

fun family games . . .

i just came across the box girls . . . not even sure how that happened but it did . . . and these little box of questions look like such a fun way to get the family talking and spending time together and sharing things with each other! first thought that came to my mind . . . what a great thing to do on those 11 hour car rides to and from missouri! the family dinner box is the best bet for our family . . . but it would be great if they had one with questions geared specifically towards younger children. they don't . . . so the family dinner box is getting bookmarked in my 'need to buy folder!'

Thursday, October 16, 2008

around our house today . . .

"thank goodness they are at school!"

"can they go back to school please?"

fun in the halloween costume box!

and yes the three's can be worse than the terrible two's!
(did i just say that outloud?)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{speechless} . . .

just came across this article and i am completely speechless! i'm not one to judge someone else for their choices . . . but this is completely nuts to me! taking valuable class time to expose 6 and 7 year olds to something that is completely against all the values that our country was founded on and call it a field trip! oh . . . it's a good thing that my children are not in that class . . . or that school! what do you think?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a first time for everything . . .

we are getting ready to head out . . . and go to missouri! i think this is the first time ever that we have left to go out of town and the house is clean . . . the laundry is done . . . the house is completely in order! it's such a great feeling . . . knowing i will come home and not be behind on housework!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

thank you nana . . .

for bringing our wagon from missouri!

(and for helping with bentwater, and taking care of the girls when little man was born, and all of the baby stuff you brought, and taking care of roxy, and keeping the house cleaned, and we could go on and on and on . . . )

proud mama moment . . .

i sprayed the table . . . and i had 3 little girls begging to wipe it down for me!