Monday, June 30, 2008

new summer do's . . .

little miss got her hair cut in a cute little bob a couple of weeks ago . . . and it made me want to do the same! my hair was long . . . too long . . . so i chopped mine off too!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

fun in the sun . . .

it's hot . . . the girls love being outside . . . so bathing suits have been the outfit of choice pretty much everyday!

summer science project . . .

little miss found a gorgeous caterpillar last week while we were outside walking the crazy cocker spaniel. after we did a little research . . . had to make sure it was a nice caterpillar . . . we decide to take him in as a little summer science project!
we had to find something to put him in until we could get a more comfortable house for him . . . and he must have really felt comfy inside the empty garlic container! he attached himself to the top the very next day, so we didn't even have time to get him a big, cozy house.

this is the timeline of events . . . little miss found mr. green on late saturday afternoon . . . put him in the plastic container . . . planned on getting something for him on sunday but ended up doing something and not making it to the store . . . when we got home sunday evening he had already attached him self to the lid and was just 'hanging' out . . . monday morning i looked at him the minute i came downstairs and he was still mr. green . . . little miss wanted to check on him around 4 pm . . . and he had already turned into a chrysalis and his molted skin was on the bottom of the tub! i don't have any idea how that all happened so quick in one day . . . and we didn't notice any of it!

supposedly he should remain a chrysalis for around 9-14 days . . . so we are thinking in the next week or so we should have a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly to release!

my favorite part about all of this . . . when little miss found mr. green . . . she said, "look mommy a caterpillar! i wonder when he will turn into a chrysalis?" i was really shocked and so proud that she knew such a scientific word! shrimp was asleep during the discovery . . . but as soon as she woke up little miss told her about our new pet . . . and the first thing out of shrimp's mouth, "when will it turn into a chrysalis?" i was even more shocked when my just barely 3 yr old knew this word! so . . . i asked where they learned about a chrysalis . . . and they both informed me that they learned all about them at school. this made me love their school even more . . . and made me so happy that they are remembering the things they learned!

she's a dynasty girl now . . .

little shrimp is the newest team member on dynasty's tiny team . . . and she couldn't be more excited about it! little miss and her are on the same team this year . . . so it's fun to watch them practice together and hear them talk all about cheerleading!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

show me the fun . . .

the girls always have so much fun when we go back to missouri to visit family!
brown eyes had her first hair cut while we were in missouri . . . it was time to get rid of the mullet! i had the girl cut the back in a pretty short bob . . . and it has already grown so much! i really can't believe i had waited so long to get it cut . . . it looks so cute now. if only i could get her to wear a big bow!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

not even sure where to start . . .

i know . . . i know . . . it's been a long time since a real post and believe me. . . i have a lot to post about. so get comfy . . . this might get a little long!

the princess tea party
little shrimp had so much fun! she is still so excited about having a birthday and tells everyone . . . including complete strangers, "i'm tree now, i'm not 2 anymore because i had a birthday!"

shrimp's actual birthday
my poor little girl was sick with the flu for a whole week and felt miserable on her 3rd birthday. she received a package from her nana and pops and asked her big sister to help her open most of it. she didn't even want to open her gifts from us when daddy got home from work . . . if that tells you how horrible she felt! she did manage a little smile when she opened the new set of earrings from nana and pops! (shrimp loves earrings . . . and insists on changing her's daily!)

the make-up birthday
when shrimp started feeling a little better . . . we had a make-up birthday for her. she was so excited when she opened her new pink crocs! little shrimp loves pink . . . pink . . . and more pink (oh and yellow too)!

last day of school
little shrimp missed her last week of school because of the yucky flu! she was feeling better on her last day so she went . . . but she still wasn't back to her spirited self. little miss got out the day after shrimp and her class did a end of the year program that was so cute! there isn't too much that is cuter than a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds trying to sing and dance! the girls' school is great . . . and all of their teachers are fantastic! little miss' teachers are the 2 ladies on the right . . . and the lady on the left is the director of their preschool. shrimp wasn't up for a picture with her teachers.

the plan was to head to st. louis after the program for my niece's 6th birthday party. . . but it was about 8 hours later before we actually got on the road! we did make it in time for the party . . . and the girls' were so excited to see everyone in missouri!

ok . . . i'm ready for bed and i didn't quite get caught up on everything. so i guess that means you will have to wait again for the rest! i promise it won't be as long this time!! if you are lucky . . . let me rephrase that! if i am lucky . . . i will have a few minutes tomorrow and i will post again!

Monday, June 9, 2008

wow . . . it's been a while!

time sure does fly by when your having fun! i can't believe it's almost been a month since my last post. we have done a lot the past few weeks and i will be back with more soon!