Friday, September 28, 2007

it's a big day . . .

little miss fixed her own hair for school today . . . little shrimp wore panties to school today . . . AND . . . we are headed to missouri after the girls get out of school!!!!

happy weekend to everyone . . . i know it will be for us!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

finally . . .

here are the pics of my office furniture that you have been waiting to see, mom! we are getting ready to go to ms. barbara's right now and i will ask her about the fountain. wow, 2 things in one day . . . i'm doing good!

bad story with a good ending . . .

yesterday i was on my way home from doing some errands while the big girls were at school. i was stopped at a stop light (only 4 more till i got home). i was about the 3rd car back . . . and i was in the far left lane for going straight. i happen to notice that there is a car stopped right next to me in the left turn lane and realize that there aren't any other cars in front of this car. so i look over to see why they are stopped next to me when they could have pulled up at least 2 car lengths. well . . . little did i know i was going to be looking over to find a nasty . . . i mean very nasty . . . a very large nasty man doing something that he should not have been doing . . . and showing me something that i absolutely did not want to see (thank you land rover for making your cars so tall that i am sitting up so high i can see into every car around me)! i'm trying to as least graphic as possible and so i'm guessing you might be able to figure out what he was doing. so anyway . . . the light turns green (thank you god!) and i start going straight. i happen to look up in my rear view mirror and see this nasty man getting out of the turn lane and deciding to go straight! of course now i really start to get grossed out and freaked out . . . tell my sister-in-law i have to get off of the phone so i can call sean. i realize that this guy is probably trying to follow me so i turn right onto the first street i came to and drive around through a residential area for a few minutes hoping to get away from him. after i think i have driven enough . . . i start to head back home and find this car again and he has turned around and it coming back in the direction of the street that i had turned down. it just so happened that when i called sean to tell him what is going on . . . there happens to be a NOPD officer right by him on the street (thank you again god!). so he flags him down to tell him what is going on and he puts a call on the radio and tells sean to have me call 911. so i get off of the phone with sean and call 911 to tell them. it isn't even half a second after i get off of the phone with 911 that there are NOPD officers on every street in our area with lights and sirens on searching for this car! i see sean on a street near me and we meet at home and he gets in the car with me because we didn't want to park my car in front of our house in case this nasty man didn't get caught. after we get in the car together we are about half a block down the street from our house and we see another NOPD officer and we flag him down to tell him we were the ones who put the call in and at this moment . . . he gets a call on the radio and they have a guy pulled over who's vehicle matched my description! so he tells us to follow him because i needed to come and identify the vehicle and the person. so we go to the crime scene (i always wanted to say that!) and sure enough it was definitely him. and since it was him i had to give a report and all of that. sean had to leave to pick up the girls from school so i had to stay with the NOPD officer that we had followed over there. well come to find out . . . this nasty man is someone that the NOPD has been trying to hunt down for a long time for numerous burglaries in the area! while i was sitting in the officer's car waiting for all of this to be over . . . i had about 4 other officers come up to me and personally thank me for making the call and help lead to the arrest of this guy. and the captain of the NOPD came out to the crime scene and came over to the car i was in to tell me that he was so thankful i made the call and that the people in our area owe me the biggest thank you because he has burglarized several houses in the area . . .and some more than once!

so the moral of the story . . . never hesitate to call the police if you see something that sin't right! you just might help more than you realize!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

loving the mini's . . .

this custom order is a mini tutti tote . . . and i'm just loving the cuteness of this smaller size tote. they have become a very popular birthday gift for the younger girls here in new orleans. maybe one of these days i will get them up on the site!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

at it again . . .

round 2 of crazy crayons for the week . . . the girls just love making these! when we made them a couple of days ago, we used rose art crayons . . . not recommended. they don't color as well as the crayolas do after they are melted down. and the rose art crayons kind of melted all into one color and were not as cool looking as these with crayola crayons.

note to self . . .

add lotion to the list of things to keep out of reach of 2 year olds!

come . . . on . . . boys!

you are better than this!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

gotta love good deals . . .

yesterday i got 2 of these for the big girls' beds. and today i got 2 of these for the big girls' beds. still need to do their duvets and the bed skirts . . . i can't wait to get their room finished. it is going to be really cute . . . if i do say so myself!

rainy day project . . .


(little miss and little shrimp's closets)

(little brown eyes' closet)

the girls are going to have so much fun with their new magnetic chalk boards in their rooms! they aren't actually finished yet . . . but they won't look any different than that. right now they just have the magnetic primer on. tomorrow i will put the first coat of chalkboard paint on.

this church is just on the corner of our street . . . i think it is absolutely beautiful! they have started the renovation of it and i can't wait to see the finished product. i am going to start posting pics of renovation projects going on in our area to show the progress that is actually taking place. this pic was taken on september 1 and it looks like they are about ready to start painting the outside any day. i will post updates as they make headway.

friday night out . . .

we went and saw them and them. it was a great!

at the pepper - o - nee . . .

me: no little shrimp, a pep rally.
shrimp: oh a pepper salad?
me: no baby, a pep rally.
shrimp: oh a pepper allyally?
me: yeah . . . that's close enough!

friday afternoon we took the little ones to the saints' pep rally . . . yes i know, i think they need more than a pep rally at this point too! hopefully monday night we will see the saints that we saw last year!

little shrimp being . . . well little shrimp!

big girls trying to stay cool

yes . . . little brown eyes has her ears plugged!

just some average joes . . . ok so they are some real FANatics!

rockin dopsie, mr. benson, and the saintsations . . . and a few others but please don't ask for names!

Friday, September 21, 2007

little sassy pants . . .

my little miss is quite the sassy pants . . . most usually in a cute kinda way. little miss and little shrimp were watching dora last night . . . if you have a children who are obsessed with dora you will know that each show begins with, "hola, i'm dora" and "hola, i'm boots." well this was little miss' response to them introducing themselves last night . . . (said in the most valliest of all valley girl voices) "we already know them! why are they saying that?" she said this as if she really believes they are only talking to them and no other children watch this show!

fast forward into the night . . . little miss calls her daddy to see what time he would be home from work. . . she tells her daddy she is painting and doing crafts . . . her daddy tells her to paint him a pretty house . . . she crafts him up a house super fast . . . puts it on the fridge and says (once again using her valliest of all valley girl voices), "mom . . . look at the refrigerator . . . how does it look?" i tell it looks great. she says, "yeah . . . because it has my pictures all over it!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my lucky day . . .

look what i won . . . well actually i guess my girls won them! i don't think they will fit me very well.

thank you so much amelia . . . i can't wait to see them!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

crazy with crayons . . .

bowl of crayons . . .

before . . .

during . . .

after . . .

directions here, here, here, and here.
have fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

one of those days . . .

so, we came home from school . . . ate lunch . . . little miss ran up stairs as fast as she could to let the crazy girl out . . . i took crazy girl out for her little walk . . . it started to rain . . . we hurried inside . . . it started POURING . . . i went upstairs to hang a shelf on the big girls' wall . . . happened to look outside . . . noticed that one of my sunroofs was open . . . AAAAHHHHHHH . . . ran outside to close it . . . got drenched . . . ran inside . . . little shrimp says, "mommy take a shower?"

so, the car got a good washing . . . on the inside!

and she's off . . .

well . . . at 13 1/2 months little brown eyes has finally decided to start walking! she has been taking steps here and there whenever she felt like it . . . and that wasn't very often. she would much rather be held and carried! today i looked up and she was walking across the big girls' room and has been doing it since.

Monday, September 10, 2007

one thing done . . .

well . . . the girls finally got to bring their new bags to school today! the totes i do usually have an initial on them but the girls really wanted theirs to have a fleur de lis instead . . . so that is what they got!

the theme this week at school is shapes and colors and each day they are supposed to wear the color for the day. today was red . . . little miss got to wear her favorite tee. and of course . . . little shrimp is still winking.


little shrimp has mastered winking . . . and this is all she does now! she is very proud. it wasn't very long ago that her nana taught her how to wink and she did the 2 eye blink.

look at those nasty 'squito bites on her head. my poor girl is really allergic to mosquito bites and for some unfortunate reason they really love her . . . must be because she's so sweet!

what a hoot!

looking for something fun for your little one . . . how hilarious are these suckers (aka binkies)? what a great addition to a halloween costume. i think it would be so funny to just take little brown eyes out around town one day with one of these! i'm sure she would get a few looks! check them out here.

via - goody blog

loving this . . .

i am totally loving this site i just came across - via design is mine. i love this, and this, and this. i really could keep adding things . . . but i would just recommend checking out the site. there are lots of beautiful things to look at. i'm really loving this duvet cover too . . . hmmmm . . . we just got some of our bedding for the new house but i am having second thoughts now!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


friday i was working on the computer and little miss was sitting on my lap. she has been fascinated with my earrings for a little while now and always wants to take them out and the put them back in. i never let her because i am worried that they will get dropped and i will lose them . . . sean would not be too happy about that! well . . . this time i let her because i get tired of saying no to the girls so much. i'm so glad i did! the conversation went like this after i let her . . .

little miss: i think tomorrow is the day . . . hmmmm . . . yep tomorrow . . . that i want to get my ears pierced.

me: REALLY?!

little miss: yeah . . . i think tomorrow is when i want to do it.

me: ok . . . we are going to get them pierced tomorrow then! (i was so excited! i have wanted to get their ears pierced so many times but wanted to wait until they asked so it was their idea and not mine.)

so saturday morning we got up and she still wanted to do it . . . we had to run an errand and when we got home sean had to do a little work. so we told little miss when daddy was finished we would go.

here is the photo time line of getting little misses ears pierced . . .

sitting so big while they put the purple dots on her ears. (little shrimp is sitting right next to her taking it all in)

went from sitting so big . . . to 'mommy hold me.' but still was so brave and still wanted to do it. this is right at the count of 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

oh man . . . i really didn't think it would hurt her that bad!

look how pretty they look! she even got to put real lip gloss on herself after it was all over!

ok . . . remember the picture above with little miss screaming? right after she got hers pierced . . . little shrimp looks at mommy and daddy and says, "i want to get my ears pierced too!" we were shocked! she had been saying since friday that she wanted earrings too and we figured as soon as she saw her sissy crying she would change her mind. boy were we wrong! so since she asked and she knew what was going to happen . . . we let her too.

here is little shrimp's photo time line . . .

i really can't believe she wants to do this and is sitting there so confident!

oh know . . . did i say i wanted to get my ears pierced? (notice she is sitting all by herself!)

oh man . . . somebody save me!

all done . . . or not! notice the gun still on her ear? the earring pierced but the back didn't go on and it got stuck!

one ear is pierced with an earring and the other is pierced but no earring in it. they had to re-pierce that one. my poor baby!

now its all over and she got lip gloss too!

they both love their new earrings so much! i think they feel so big! little shrimp likes hers the most i think. she keeps touching them so soft and saying look at my new earrings mommy! now we can't wait for little brown eyes to ask to get hers done!

it's here . . .

remember the book i got myself for my birthday? well . . . it arrived yesterday and i love it even more than i thought i would! it came all the way from japan in just a week and it has the most adorable patterns in it for my girls . . . i really can't decide which one i want to do first! the only problem is . . . i have no clue how i'm going to figure all of it out. the good thing is that there are english numbers on the patterns, so i know what order to go in . . . but i have know clue on the sewing instructions. this will be so interesting . . . i will definitely report back after i take on my first project!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

it's game day!

well . . . today is the day sean has been waiting for since that super cold, snowy day in chicago on january 21.

the 2007 nfl season kicks off tonight with the colts vs the saints!

so . . . of course our little who dats had to go to school in style today. and of course . . . little shrimp was strutting her stuff for the camera again!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

school days . . . school days . . .

today was the big girls' first day of nursery school! they were so excited this morning . . . if you can't tell by pictures. i mentioned taking some pictures of them before we left and i walked out side with my camera and there was little miss standing in her sassy pants pose!

the catwalk hasn't seen anything yet . . . little shrimp would blow them away with her modeling!

no . . . they aren't always this sweet with each other. but this is what makes up for the hitting . . . pushing . . . kicking . . . and all of the other crazy sister stuff that goes on!

as we were heading out the door . . . little miss informed me that we couldn't leave yet because she had to color her new teacher a picture before we left because she would really like that. how cute is that?

i can't believe i sent my girls school with tote bags and no ribbon on them! i was going to get their new bags finished tonight . . . but the cable guy was here today . . . and we now have cable and internet! i'm in heaven right now! it's been a long time since i have seen something besides fuzzy (that would refer to rabbit ears and poor reception) pbs shows . . . and i'm loving that we have every single channel and dvr!! does it get any better? so . . . the girls will get to show off their new bags at school on friday. and of course . . . i will have to take some more pics.