Saturday, September 1, 2007

my favorite day of the year!

today our little miss turns 4 (and i turn 28)! i don't know where time goes . . . but it definitely doesn't seem like it has been 4 years since i spent my birthday in the hospital in labor on labor day! little miss was my birthday present 4 years ago and it was the greatest gift ever!

here are a few pics from our big day . . .

little miss must have been super excited about her big day because she was up VERY early and i wasn't finished with her cake yet . . . and of course she had to help decorate it!

random cake? well . . . when i asked what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday this was her reply, "i want a strawberry shortcake cake with crazy green, and yellow, and white buggies on it. and i want strawberry shortcake sitting on top of it."

i know . . . it's not strawberry shortcake! it's angel cake . . . her friend. when i went to the store to get the cake stuff they only had these little dolls and she already had the strawberry shortcake one. she loved it and that's the only thing that mattered!

she was so excited when she saw an unfamiliar van pull up to the house and the lady got out with balloons and a teddy bear . . . and it was for her! and of course . . . she new right away who it was from. thanks nana and pops! she loved it!

the only thing little miss told us that she wanted for her birthday was a saints' jersery. so we went to the mall this afternoon and she got to pick one out. she walked around the mall with my cell phone . . . acting like she was talking on it. i think she is 4 going on 16!

oh and did you notice the mismatched shoes? we couldn't find the other flip flop so instead of just putting on both white sandals . . . she still had to wear the flip flop that she had and she just put on one sandal! maybe she will start a new trend?

i wonder what she wished for?


Nana said...

What a great birthday cake Dylan!! and such a beautiful job of decorating!! I would hire you to make cakes for me!! Hope you had a really fun birthday!! Love you bunches!! Nana

~love said...

so, so sweet! and her for your birthday, on labor day...what a special memory! she's adorable. hoping she gets whatever she wished for...