Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat . . .

happy halloween . . .

from our crazy little 'ghouls!'

a little sneak peek . . .

just a quick peek at what the crazy girls are going to be wearing tomorrow . . . well actually i guess it's tonight since it's almost 3 a.m.! little shrimp wanted me to lay in bed with her tonight . . . and she insisted that i get under the covers with her. and when shrimp insists that you do something . . . it is a good thing if you listen to her! well . . . getting under the comfy covers and snuggling with a cute little 2 year old only means 1 thing. yep . . . i fell asleep and woke up at about 1:30 and now i am wide awake. i did get an extra load of laundry in . . . and read up on my blog addiction . . . updated my blog . . . i still need to make some halloween bows for the girls to wear tomorrow for their party at school . . . might do that while they are eating breakfast in the morning so i can try to get a few hours of sleep in before i need to actually be awake!

Monday, October 29, 2007

she's home!

well this weekend was pretty much a blur!

i will start with wednesday . . . ordered some tulle for my girls' halloween costumes last monday or so. it is supposed to arrive wednesday. it does . . . at our house in missouri that we don't live in anymore! so i have one of the neighbors go over there and try to find it. because my mom was leaving thursday to bring brown eyes back to us and it would have worked out great to have our old neighbor get the package and my mom could go pick it up and bring to me. well the new people in our old house refused the package and it was on it's way back to nashville wraps!

thursday . . . spent the day getting ready for my little brown eyes to get home! my mom, my aunt barb, and brown eyes got here at about 11:30 pm or so. i was so excited to see her . . . and i don't think she really knew what to think. i'm not sure if she forgot who i was . . . or if she was mad because she was gone for almost 3 weeks! of course i knew her big sisters would want to see her . . . so i let her wake them up! what in the world was i thinking?!?!?! they were so excited and happy at first . . . then their bodies realized that they were awake at 12 in the morning and then shrimp started screaming . . . and crying . . . and screaming some more because she was so tired! little miss finally went back to sleep . . . and i rocked brown eyes until 1:52 a.m. that's when she fell asleep. put her in bed . . . me and shrimp got in my bed and she didn't sleep well the rest of the night.

not that the rest of the night was very long because my little brown eyes woke up at 6:30 in the morning! fast forward a few hours . . . sean comes down stairs and says, "we don't have any hot water!" oh my . . . this is fantastic! we have company in town and no hot water! sean goes to the attic and sees that the pilot is out on the hot water heater . . . and realizes that it needs to be replaced. note to self . . . don't try to find someone to replace a hot water heater in new orleans on a friday, because it won't happen! we finally find someone who will come out saturday morning to replace it. which is a great thing because we had family pics scheduled for saturday afternoon . . . and being clean would be a good thing! that night we brought the girls to a halloween party.

saturday morning the plumbers show up . . . we leave and go to the mall. eat beignets . . . do some quick shopping . . . and go home. looks like the plumbers are done . . . they tell me they got it installed but asked if we had been having problems with our gas! of course it just can't go as planned! hot water heater is good to go . . . but we have no gas coming from the street to our meter at the house. so they leave and we have to call entergy to come out and try to figure out the problem. it's now about 1:45 pm . . . we have pictures at 2:30 and no one has taken a shower or a bath since thursday! thank goodness the weather was cool! so i gather all of our stuff up and we rush like mad people to my sister-in-laws. nana and aunt barb bathe the girls while i take a show and sean takes a shower. we get a call from entergy as we are on our way to pictures and entergy got the gas fixed but they can't leave it on because we weren't home to let them in to check to make sure it was working. so we do our pictures . . . rush off to a b-day party. sean and little miss go to the party and the rest of us go home so i can work on a custom order. when we get home i call entergy back and they let me know that know one will make it out until sunday morning at 8 a.m. i get a little finished on my order . . . sean and little miss get home . . . sean and i get dressed in our 50's get-up and go to a halloween party and stay out way too late and have to climb in thru a window to get in our own house! nana had my keys and sean's keys were inside and we didn't want to wake anyone up.

sunday . . . wake up to entergy ringing the doorbell at 7:10 a.m. man that extra 50 minutes of sleep would have been nice if they would have just come at 8 a.m. like they said they would! get the gas on finally! i don't feel so well . . . not a good thing because i have a matilda jane clothing trunk show in the afternoon. we go eat breakfast at one of my mom and dad's favorite places in new orleans and then rush home to get the house ready for the show. nana and aunt barb helped get everything ready . . . not too sure what i would have done if i would have had to do it by myself! got everything taken care of . . . they headed back to missouri. time for the show . . . and only a couple of people show up! it was such a horrible weekend to do a show . . . so much going on with halloween parties and the show was during the saints' game. after we were done . . . got the kitchen picked up a little bit.

. . . and i went to bed!

that's 3 in a row . . .

looks like the boys are back! sunday was the 3rd "W" in a row for the black and gold! we brought the big girls to the atlanta game last weekend and they loved it! little miss went to a couple of games last year with her daddy . . . but it was shrimp's first saints' game. shrimp actually took quite a long nap . . . even with all the noise! we decided they were good luck and they might have to come to all of the games with us . . . i did say might!

how cute is this pic of the little who dats? definitely going to frame this one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

something fun . . .

you are lightcyan

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

of course it won't post like i am wanting and it is making me crazy right now . . . but i am remembering to tone it down . . . i want it to show the actual color that i am, like the results on their site show . . . but it isn't. oh well . . . just use that imagination of yours and you will see that i am a light blue-ish, green-ish, aqua-ish color!

via how about orange


there is a lot of booing going on around here! we have been preparing for this day for a long time. little miss remembers booing last year with her daddy while they were in new orleans together and she has been begging to boo her new friends. so we . . . i guess it's more like . . . so i went and got all of the goodies for the bags and the ribbon for the bag and to make the bows. and we have been waiting for the little bags we ordered to be delivered. they made it here last night, so i stayed up way too late making these boo bags for the friends they told me they were going to boo. and let me just tell you the list keeps growing! so anyway . . . we made it to 4 of little miss' friends tonight. she has 1 more that we have to do tomorrow night. and poor little shrimp . . . we didn't get to do any of hers. there are only a couple of her girl class mates that actually live in lakeview, near us. and of the 2 that do live in lake view . . . we couldn't find one of the houses. we think we might have found it, but it was dark and we couldn't see the house numbers. the other . . . all of the lights were off. so they were either not home or asleep. and if is the latter . . . i'm sure they wouldn't appreciate us knocking on their door and then they come to the door and and there is no one there! so . . . we have round 2 of booing tomorrow night. i'm actually kind of glad we didn't get them all finished tonight . . . 1 because it's really fun and the longer it lasts, the more fun for the girls! and 2 . . . i forgot to bring my camera with us. and it was really cute watching little miss being held by her daddy and her daddy running as fast as he could to get away and then watching them climb into the car as i'm trying to drive off so we don't get caught!

wonder if she is missing us?

sure looks like my little brown eye's is having a good ol' time with her nana and pops! i think she is kinda liking all of the attention and not having to share it with her big sisters. we are definitely ready for her to start heading home tomorrow though! and of course . . . we are excited to see nana and aunt barb too!

1. livi's new shoes, 2. livi all smiles, 3. livi crashed at nana's, 4. livi peek a boo, 5. livi in bath at nana's, 6. livi and bailey, 7. livi and her great-grandpa, 8. livi big smile, 9. livi at nana's

new at tutti fruity designs

these fray appliqu├ęd fleur de lis pant sets will be going up on tutti fruity designs . . . hopefully sometime today! they are precious! if you aren't in to fleur de lis . . . we can do a custom design for you. other shirt and pant colors are available as well . . . and more color choices and sizes will be coming soon. right now you can choose from light pink, olive green, chocolate, or black . . . in sizes 2 & 4. can you tell how cooperative these crazy little tutti fruities were . . . oh i mean were not . . . being this morning?!?

i am getting very close to reaching my 100th post!! a lot of blogger's do a giveaway when they reach the milestone . . . stay tuned!

Friday, October 19, 2007

i'm in love . . .

with matilda jane clothing! i am doing a travelin' trunk show next weekend and i have been waiting so patiently for my trunk to arrive . . . and well it came today. i am so excited! i just went thru the box that is FULL of matilda jane clothes and everything is so gosh darn cute! i have always loved admiring their catalog online . . . well they are even more fabulous when you see them in person! oh man . . . i am going to have such a hard time choosing what i want to order for my girls!!

this is interesting . . .

if you aren't a subscriber to the daily stroll . . . head on over there and check out liz's latest post! sure makes me want to rush out and get this book!

will i ever learn . . .

that there isn't a sane person in the world that would go shopping with children? or maybe i am wrong . . . maybe there is a mom somewhere who actually has children that behave when she takes them shopping. if you are one . . . please don't tell me! i don't want to know!

i guess i could think positive thoughts . . .

shrimp wasn't just moving the clothing racks ALL around the children's department . . . she is world famous interior designer in training!

little miss wasn't just running as fast as she could through EVERY isle . . . she was training for the 2020 olympics!

both of them weren't just swinging the racks of shower curtain rods as hard as they could just because . . . they were making beautiful classical music!

shrimp wasn't screaming as loud as she could and kicking all the way from the checkout to the car because she wanted to walk in the busiest parking lot in all of new orleans . . . she was preparing for her starring role in the next big drama series!

so i guess if i look at it like that . . . i had absolutely nothing to be stressed out about!

ok . . . just go along with me and (please) tell me that my children aren't the only ones that act like caged animals when they get to go in public!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

loving lakeview . . .

we were here last night . . . and had so much fun! the bookmobile was there and little miss and little shrimp got to pick 2 free books. they are awesome, brand new, hardback books! and little miss saw 2 of her good friends from school and the girls were chasing each other all around. it was so great to see little miss and shrimp playing with their new friends! we met our new neighbors . . . who are the parents of one of little miss' friends. and we can't wait for them to actually get moved in, so the girls will have someone to play with! (and because it will give us people to hang out with too!)

well . . . i was going to put of pic of the books on here, but of course blogger is being crazy and i can't!

so anywho . . . . we got this book, this book, this book, and this book!

note to self . . .

don't offer to eat inside at taco bell . . . even if i only have 2 of my girls! to sum it up . . . someone at the beginning of the line inside asked if i wanted him to order for me so i could go sit down with my girls! that gives a good indication of how fun our lunch date was!

something's brewin' around here . . .

we're whippin' up some cute little things for classmates. sshhhh . . . it's a surprise! i will post more about it when we are finished!

introducing . . .


(no . . . i didn't name them or have anything to do with the naming process! it was completely little miss and little shrimp!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

missing those brown eyes . . .

just got this pic via nana . . . little brown eyes sporting one of her new outfits that she has acquired since being with her nana and pops!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

finally . . .

weather so beautiful, we can go to the park and actually enjoy ourselves! little miss, shrimp, and myself went to city park after they got out of school today and we had so much fun being outside in the gorgeous weather! we wanted to go to storyland in city park, but it is only open on the weekends. so, i'm sure you can guess what we will be doing this weekend!

oh . . . and if you are wondering why my little brown eyed girl didn't come along for the fun . . . well that is because she is spending a couple of weeks with her nana and pops! yep . . . it was her turn to have a visit and get spoiled rotten!

good afternoon . . .

it's always a good afternoon when daddy comes home from work early!

new ad banner!

how cute is my new ad banner?! i just can not get over how cute it is . . . and how fast aimee at buzzing bee designs got this finished for me. i needed to have the art finished pretty . . . ok really . . . quick to get it submitted in time for my ad run at the daily stroll, that started today. aimee and i started communicating about the ad yesterday evening . . . and it was finished and ready to go by 10:30 last night! and this isn't the first time aimee has completely exceeded my expectations . . . she is also the one who designed my super cute sew-in labels and my business cards, that i couldn't be more happy with! she nailed all 3 designs right on the head . . . she has done exactly what i am looking for every time! if you are in the market for some graphic design . . . definitely check out buzzing bee designs.