Monday, October 29, 2007

she's home!

well this weekend was pretty much a blur!

i will start with wednesday . . . ordered some tulle for my girls' halloween costumes last monday or so. it is supposed to arrive wednesday. it does . . . at our house in missouri that we don't live in anymore! so i have one of the neighbors go over there and try to find it. because my mom was leaving thursday to bring brown eyes back to us and it would have worked out great to have our old neighbor get the package and my mom could go pick it up and bring to me. well the new people in our old house refused the package and it was on it's way back to nashville wraps!

thursday . . . spent the day getting ready for my little brown eyes to get home! my mom, my aunt barb, and brown eyes got here at about 11:30 pm or so. i was so excited to see her . . . and i don't think she really knew what to think. i'm not sure if she forgot who i was . . . or if she was mad because she was gone for almost 3 weeks! of course i knew her big sisters would want to see her . . . so i let her wake them up! what in the world was i thinking?!?!?! they were so excited and happy at first . . . then their bodies realized that they were awake at 12 in the morning and then shrimp started screaming . . . and crying . . . and screaming some more because she was so tired! little miss finally went back to sleep . . . and i rocked brown eyes until 1:52 a.m. that's when she fell asleep. put her in bed . . . me and shrimp got in my bed and she didn't sleep well the rest of the night.

not that the rest of the night was very long because my little brown eyes woke up at 6:30 in the morning! fast forward a few hours . . . sean comes down stairs and says, "we don't have any hot water!" oh my . . . this is fantastic! we have company in town and no hot water! sean goes to the attic and sees that the pilot is out on the hot water heater . . . and realizes that it needs to be replaced. note to self . . . don't try to find someone to replace a hot water heater in new orleans on a friday, because it won't happen! we finally find someone who will come out saturday morning to replace it. which is a great thing because we had family pics scheduled for saturday afternoon . . . and being clean would be a good thing! that night we brought the girls to a halloween party.

saturday morning the plumbers show up . . . we leave and go to the mall. eat beignets . . . do some quick shopping . . . and go home. looks like the plumbers are done . . . they tell me they got it installed but asked if we had been having problems with our gas! of course it just can't go as planned! hot water heater is good to go . . . but we have no gas coming from the street to our meter at the house. so they leave and we have to call entergy to come out and try to figure out the problem. it's now about 1:45 pm . . . we have pictures at 2:30 and no one has taken a shower or a bath since thursday! thank goodness the weather was cool! so i gather all of our stuff up and we rush like mad people to my sister-in-laws. nana and aunt barb bathe the girls while i take a show and sean takes a shower. we get a call from entergy as we are on our way to pictures and entergy got the gas fixed but they can't leave it on because we weren't home to let them in to check to make sure it was working. so we do our pictures . . . rush off to a b-day party. sean and little miss go to the party and the rest of us go home so i can work on a custom order. when we get home i call entergy back and they let me know that know one will make it out until sunday morning at 8 a.m. i get a little finished on my order . . . sean and little miss get home . . . sean and i get dressed in our 50's get-up and go to a halloween party and stay out way too late and have to climb in thru a window to get in our own house! nana had my keys and sean's keys were inside and we didn't want to wake anyone up.

sunday . . . wake up to entergy ringing the doorbell at 7:10 a.m. man that extra 50 minutes of sleep would have been nice if they would have just come at 8 a.m. like they said they would! get the gas on finally! i don't feel so well . . . not a good thing because i have a matilda jane clothing trunk show in the afternoon. we go eat breakfast at one of my mom and dad's favorite places in new orleans and then rush home to get the house ready for the show. nana and aunt barb helped get everything ready . . . not too sure what i would have done if i would have had to do it by myself! got everything taken care of . . . they headed back to missouri. time for the show . . . and only a couple of people show up! it was such a horrible weekend to do a show . . . so much going on with halloween parties and the show was during the saints' game. after we were done . . . got the kitchen picked up a little bit.

. . . and i went to bed!

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