Thursday, October 18, 2007

loving lakeview . . .

we were here last night . . . and had so much fun! the bookmobile was there and little miss and little shrimp got to pick 2 free books. they are awesome, brand new, hardback books! and little miss saw 2 of her good friends from school and the girls were chasing each other all around. it was so great to see little miss and shrimp playing with their new friends! we met our new neighbors . . . who are the parents of one of little miss' friends. and we can't wait for them to actually get moved in, so the girls will have someone to play with! (and because it will give us people to hang out with too!)

well . . . i was going to put of pic of the books on here, but of course blogger is being crazy and i can't!

so anywho . . . . we got this book, this book, this book, and this book!

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