Wednesday, October 24, 2007


there is a lot of booing going on around here! we have been preparing for this day for a long time. little miss remembers booing last year with her daddy while they were in new orleans together and she has been begging to boo her new friends. so we . . . i guess it's more like . . . so i went and got all of the goodies for the bags and the ribbon for the bag and to make the bows. and we have been waiting for the little bags we ordered to be delivered. they made it here last night, so i stayed up way too late making these boo bags for the friends they told me they were going to boo. and let me just tell you the list keeps growing! so anyway . . . we made it to 4 of little miss' friends tonight. she has 1 more that we have to do tomorrow night. and poor little shrimp . . . we didn't get to do any of hers. there are only a couple of her girl class mates that actually live in lakeview, near us. and of the 2 that do live in lake view . . . we couldn't find one of the houses. we think we might have found it, but it was dark and we couldn't see the house numbers. the other . . . all of the lights were off. so they were either not home or asleep. and if is the latter . . . i'm sure they wouldn't appreciate us knocking on their door and then they come to the door and and there is no one there! so . . . we have round 2 of booing tomorrow night. i'm actually kind of glad we didn't get them all finished tonight . . . 1 because it's really fun and the longer it lasts, the more fun for the girls! and 2 . . . i forgot to bring my camera with us. and it was really cute watching little miss being held by her daddy and her daddy running as fast as he could to get away and then watching them climb into the car as i'm trying to drive off so we don't get caught!

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Chrissy said...

You guys are tooooo cute! I'm not sure where you find your time girl but I am so impressed! Give the girls lovin' for us!