Wednesday, March 24, 2010

something for me . . .

since i'm on a sewing kick . . .
i have decided it's time to make something for myself!

these 2 skirts are next on my to-do list:you can find the blue skirt here.

you can find the pattern for the yellow skirt here.

what's next on your to-do list?

Monday, March 22, 2010

18 months & another finished project . . .

our little buddy man reached the 18 months milestone yesterday . . .
man oh man does time fly by!
1. DSC_2465, 2. DSC_2464, 3. DSC_2457, 4. DSC_2461,
5. DSC_2471, 6. DSC_2450, 7. DSC_2449, 8. DSC_2448

i figured that since he was having a 1/2 birthday . . . it would be really nice of me to finish what i started! so i did . . . and i made him model it for me even though he would have rather had just his diaper on.

this little man has become quite the climber . . .
i have found him on my sewing table,
i have found him on the kitchen counter getting into the cabinets,
his favorite spot to eat is on TOP of the dining room table!

he has been sucker {aka pacifier} free for a week and a half!

his favorite words are:
mama {for me and little miss!}
gaga {dada}
beba {bella}
o-yi-ee-a {olivia}
ba-bee {baby}
pupa {puppy}
pah {pops}
buyyy-buyyy {bye-bye}
baba {bottle/cup}
kookoo {cookie}
cak-kuh {cracker}
cooook-n {cooking}
rrrrraaaaaaahhhh {the sound every animal makes}

and my favorite . . .
big boy puckered up kiss-y sounds!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another one bites the dust . . .

tooth #2 is gone!

and if you can see in the photo . . .
her new big tooth is already coming in where her 1st tooth fell out!

dear little miss,
please don't let anymore teeth fall out!
you are growing up way too fast.
thank you!

our weekend . . .

friday after school . . . little miss rode the bus home with one of her little friends from school, along with another friend. the 3 of them got to celebrate a birthday super fancy style! they got of the bus and went to h2o and changed into these precious shirts and skirts. {the birthday girl put on her fancy pinkalicious dress!} at the salon . . . they all got their hair curles and fixed with the cutest little sparkly clips. after they got their hair did . . . it was time to head to the nail place and get nails and toes painted! and then finally they ended up at a new little pizza joint in lakeview to eat pizza and have cake and open presents! we met them at the restaurant . . . and of course i had to bring my camera to get a picture of the 3 cute little girls before they went their separate ways. they were still having so much fun! the fun monogrammed pink shirts were the girls favors . . . and the second i saw it i knew it would be little miss' new fave shirt! she did not take the shirt off until saturday night when it was time to get in the bathtub . . . and then she insisted that i wash it so she could wear it again on sunday!
saturday . . . we had beautiful weather!
perfect weather for finding critters . . .
and playing . . . "look bubby a worm!"
"cool . . . wonder how hard i can knock it off her hand!"
"wow . . . look at the worm fly across the patio!"
and by this point . . . mr. slimy worm {that according to little miss isn't really slimy} is no longer living. they were just playing can you guess what letter mr. worm is now?
saturday night . . . i stayed up way too late listening to pandora, the rain outside, reading blogs, and making new bows for the girls to wear to church on sunday. well i got a 6 am wake-up call from little brown eyes letting me know that she had gotten sick in her bed. so . . . no church for us. but of course the girls had to try wear their new bows anyway!
and little miss finally got the flip flops she had been begging me to make her!
the parts of the weekend i failed to mention . . .
1. when little shrimp came downstairs sunday morning . . . she was covered in the nasty from brown eyes getting sick! luckily i was at the grocery with miss and i didn't have to clean that one up!

2. i hadn't heard from the real estate agent all weekend . . . so i didn't clean! of course there was someone who saw our house on mls and decided not to give the 24 hour notice when they wanted to see it. so . . . i had 3 hours to clean the house on sunday. nice! i did actually get it all cleaned though!

3. little miss only wore her new flip flops for about 2 hours before she threw up all over them. and has gotten sick 2 more times since that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

so this is why . . .

are a
best friend!
little buddy and the fur ball . . .
i mean roxy . . . have been sharing frozen taquitos all afternoon!

do they make child lock's for a freezer????

happy weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

did you get pinched today?

st. patrick's
i hope your day was filled with rainbows. . .
leading you to a pot of shrimp?
i mean a pot of gold!

and of course . . .
a little leprechaun!

Monday, March 15, 2010

smitten . . .

i'm seriously in love with everything in the new olive juice catalog that mr. mailman brought me today . . .
i have lots of dresses and skirts and shirts circled . . .
and i have {big} plans to make lots of olive juice inspired things for the littles!

if only i could have a few extra hours in the day . . .
it might actually happen!

Friday, March 12, 2010

we might look weird . . .

but our faces sure do feel good this morning!

if you don't have this . . .
i would run to the store right now and get it!
not only do our faces feel so incredibly soft . . .
but it was so fun sneaking up on the kids with it on!
. . . even if shrimp said we were weird!

happy friday!

reel stories . . .

last night the girls and i went to literacy night {reel stories 2010} at little miss' school. we had a blast. sean was working . . . little buddy went to see his granny and papa . . . so we got to have some girl time. literacy night was great. little miss got to go from table to table and complete different reading related projects. each activity they completed . . . they got a sticker to put on their reading passport. if they got 6 stickers . . . they received a no homework pass!! we were able to make it to 9 different stations . . . so no homework for us last night! this is the miss herself at the where the wild things are station making a pop-up book . . .
she must have really loved doing this project because first thing this morning . . .
she was in the craft room . . .
making more pop-up frog books!
if you wondering how she had time to make pop-up books before school . . .
that would be because we are playing hookie today!
sssshhhh . . . don't tell!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

totally love this girl . . .

*totally* is one of shrimps' favorite words . . .
she is totally so cute when she says it.
she is totally a sassafras.
she is totally sweet.
she is totally a girly girl.
she is totally a fashionista.
she is so totally loving.
and i think we totally have it in for us when she is a teenager!

Monday, March 8, 2010

it's monday again. the weekend flew by . . . as usual! we had absolutely perfect weather this weekend in nola.

little miss and i got to escape for a few hours together on saturday for a birthday party. she got to play with her friends. i got to catch up with their moms.

sunday i actually got to have a meal with sean. he has a new office and has been there every night after work for the past week and a half trying to get all settled in. he's sharing a big office with his sister and brother-in-law. so there will be 3 businesses in the building. we are so excited because for the first time ever . . . sean's materials and tools won't be at our house . . . in his trailer . . . or in his truck. we haven't seen him much at all the past 10 days. so it was a treat to get to sit down and have lunch together. they are getting pretty close to being settled so hopefully this week will have less late nights for him.

right now . . . he is at little shrimp's and little brown eyes' school. it's community helpers week. so he is there telling the littles about his job as a contractor and teaching them about his tools. the girls were so excited they could hardly stand it. i think sean was equally excited. he called me right before he was supposed to be there asking how many littles were in the classes because he wanted to bring each of them a special surprise from the hardware store.

and for me . . . today i'm in my sewing room again! i'm working on this:
but i had a request from little miss to make these while she was at school. since i just finished her skirt . . . i decided to start something for our little buddy man. and i have 2 other little girls requesting some new threads too . . . hopefully i can find the time this week to spend in my sewing room making lots of fun new things for the littles!

happy monday!

Friday, March 5, 2010

i actually finished something . . .

that was just what i needed . . .
i love being in my sewing room and making things.
i love to sew.
i love to craft.
i love to paint.
i think you get the point.
i especially love making clothing for my little peeps!
i hope little miss loves this fun and super twirly circle skirt as much as i do!
she picked the fabric from my stash and asked for a skirt.
i didn't have a pattern.
i knew what i wanted it to look like.
and i just started cutting and sewing.
{with a little help from mom on how to get a perfect circle via email.}
i love how springy it is!
i am debating adding a pocket with a cute little vintage button.
i need to get a tee and/or a little tank to match.
and add a little funky cuteness with some yo-yo flowers and ruffles.
but it can't be too fancy . . .
little miss doesn't like fancy.
{at least that's what she tells me.}
it feels wonderful to have started and finished a project!
i love checking something off my creative to-do list.
i can't wait to start {and finish} another!

happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nous avons eu un beau jour!

{translation: we had a lovely (beautiful) day!}

little miss and i got to spend most of her school day together today! the french classes at her school went to tulane university to watch a french movie, azur et asmar. the movie was great . . . thanks to subtitles i was able to keep up with the storyline!! walking across the tulane campus was a treat in itself. the campus is absolutely beautiful. after the movie . . . we walked across st. charles ave and had a picnic lunch at audubon park. we couldn't have asked for a better day! i am so fortunate to be able to do things like this with my littles!

Monday, March 1, 2010

there's only 1 thing to do with a clean house . . .

make a mess again!

i got the house in tip-top shape over the weekend. i was lucky to have only little buddy man home with me so i could clean without little tornadoes coming behind me and remaking messes. we listed our house last week . . . the one that we have been living in and i don't think i ever posted on here about it . . . and we had our first showing sunday. i wanted to it to be spotless so it would show well and hopefully help it to sell faster. the house that we are remodeling in lakeview isn't near completition but we are ready to get this house sold . . . and get back into lakeview closer to the girls schools. hopefully this week . . . since the house is super clean . . . i will finally get a post on here about the house we are in now and why we are in this house and why we want to get back to lakeview, etc. but for now . . . we are enjoying the clean house and i was able to get back into my sewing room yesterday! when i am always trying to play catch-up with cleaning and laundry . . . i never feel like i can take a little bit of time and go create. but laundry is caught up and has been staying caught up. and the house is still clean. so the first thing i did was drag out my pile of fabrics and come up with a plan. right now i'm working on a cute, little, springy, circle skirt for my little miss per her request. i'm not rushing to get it done . . . just doing a little on it here and there and it feels so great to be in my sewing room again! and by the looks of things . . . the girls enjoy this room too!

ahh much better . . .

so i played the role of hair dresser this weekend . . .
and i think our little buddy man likes his new do!