Sunday, March 21, 2010

our weekend . . .

friday after school . . . little miss rode the bus home with one of her little friends from school, along with another friend. the 3 of them got to celebrate a birthday super fancy style! they got of the bus and went to h2o and changed into these precious shirts and skirts. {the birthday girl put on her fancy pinkalicious dress!} at the salon . . . they all got their hair curles and fixed with the cutest little sparkly clips. after they got their hair did . . . it was time to head to the nail place and get nails and toes painted! and then finally they ended up at a new little pizza joint in lakeview to eat pizza and have cake and open presents! we met them at the restaurant . . . and of course i had to bring my camera to get a picture of the 3 cute little girls before they went their separate ways. they were still having so much fun! the fun monogrammed pink shirts were the girls favors . . . and the second i saw it i knew it would be little miss' new fave shirt! she did not take the shirt off until saturday night when it was time to get in the bathtub . . . and then she insisted that i wash it so she could wear it again on sunday!
saturday . . . we had beautiful weather!
perfect weather for finding critters . . .
and playing . . . "look bubby a worm!"
"cool . . . wonder how hard i can knock it off her hand!"
"wow . . . look at the worm fly across the patio!"
and by this point . . . mr. slimy worm {that according to little miss isn't really slimy} is no longer living. they were just playing can you guess what letter mr. worm is now?
saturday night . . . i stayed up way too late listening to pandora, the rain outside, reading blogs, and making new bows for the girls to wear to church on sunday. well i got a 6 am wake-up call from little brown eyes letting me know that she had gotten sick in her bed. so . . . no church for us. but of course the girls had to try wear their new bows anyway!
and little miss finally got the flip flops she had been begging me to make her!
the parts of the weekend i failed to mention . . .
1. when little shrimp came downstairs sunday morning . . . she was covered in the nasty from brown eyes getting sick! luckily i was at the grocery with miss and i didn't have to clean that one up!

2. i hadn't heard from the real estate agent all weekend . . . so i didn't clean! of course there was someone who saw our house on mls and decided not to give the 24 hour notice when they wanted to see it. so . . . i had 3 hours to clean the house on sunday. nice! i did actually get it all cleaned though!

3. little miss only wore her new flip flops for about 2 hours before she threw up all over them. and has gotten sick 2 more times since that.

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