Monday, March 1, 2010

there's only 1 thing to do with a clean house . . .

make a mess again!

i got the house in tip-top shape over the weekend. i was lucky to have only little buddy man home with me so i could clean without little tornadoes coming behind me and remaking messes. we listed our house last week . . . the one that we have been living in and i don't think i ever posted on here about it . . . and we had our first showing sunday. i wanted to it to be spotless so it would show well and hopefully help it to sell faster. the house that we are remodeling in lakeview isn't near completition but we are ready to get this house sold . . . and get back into lakeview closer to the girls schools. hopefully this week . . . since the house is super clean . . . i will finally get a post on here about the house we are in now and why we are in this house and why we want to get back to lakeview, etc. but for now . . . we are enjoying the clean house and i was able to get back into my sewing room yesterday! when i am always trying to play catch-up with cleaning and laundry . . . i never feel like i can take a little bit of time and go create. but laundry is caught up and has been staying caught up. and the house is still clean. so the first thing i did was drag out my pile of fabrics and come up with a plan. right now i'm working on a cute, little, springy, circle skirt for my little miss per her request. i'm not rushing to get it done . . . just doing a little on it here and there and it feels so great to be in my sewing room again! and by the looks of things . . . the girls enjoy this room too!

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