Friday, August 31, 2007

what have i gotten myself into?

if you have a little girl . . . even if you don't have a little girl . . . and if you love to sew . . . ok even if you don't even know how to sew . . . you have to look at this completely adorable jumper! i have fallen in love with it and i just found the book with the pattern on ebay and ordered it. sounds great right? well . . . it's from a japanese sewing book! how in the world am i going to figure out how to recreate these patterns? i did take 2 years of japanese in high school . . . but i don't think i can remember 1 thing from those 2 years and i'm pretty sure we didn't learn any words that pertain to sewing.

since i have become a blog addict, i am coming across more and more bloggers who sew from japanese books and i'm so curious about this. i can't wait to get my new book . . . it was my little gift to myself since tomorrow is my birthday!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

little shrimp is getting big!

today was big for our little shrimp! she woke up with a dry diaper and kept her dora panties dry ALL day long! she was so good about taking her "potty breaks" when i asked her to. she usually gives me a little bit of a hard time when i tell her it's time for her potty break because little shrimp does NOT like, in the least bit, to be told what to do! i told her i was so proud of her and wanted to take a pretty picture of my big girl with her dry panties on and asked her to pose super pretty for me and this is what i got! i'm not exactly sure what the pose is and when i asked her what it was . . . she just would keep doing it over again and say "it's this mommy!" so i guess that is shrimp's idea of a pretty pose . . . watch out gisele and heidi!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

prayer request

on a more serious note . . .

if you are someone who prays, we have a family friend who was just diagnosed with colon cancer. she is in her early 30's and has 2 of the most beautiful little boys.

she is going to be going into surgery in just a little bit to have 3 masses removed from her stomach area. please say a prayer for her and her family during this tough time.

one of my good friends from way back when is especially close to steph and has created a blog to keep friends and family updated if you would like to read more about her and the journey she is about to begin with her treatment. if you decide to take a look, you will read what a strong and determined person steph is. and she is!! she can beat this . . . so please remember to include her in your prayers!

good girl . . . well sometimes!

yes . . . she thinks she is a human and she sits like this all the time. roxy loves the new rug by the way!

slowly but surely . . .

how miserable does my little brown eyed girl look?
my poor baby is cutting all of her teeth at once. she has had the top 4 and bottom 2 forever and now all of a sudden the rest of her teeth are all coming in at the same time.

so we went on a hunt for a rug yesterday for the living room and this is what all we came home with. we are making progress . . . and i think i might be seeing a tiny spec of light at the end of a tunnel!

how cute is this all around town rug?
i have seen these everywhere with boy-ish colors, but this is the first one i have seen with girl colors. and it is so cute! there is a bake shop, a shoe store, a dress shop and my girls favorite . . . a beach!! this will be so cute in their bright pink room!

tile for our backsplash . . . it's travertine mosaic. it's beautiful!

our rug for the living room . . . its a shaggy rug.
we wanted more shaggy but with 3 little ones and a dog . . . we thought this would be much easier to keep clean.

backsplash almost complete

living room starting to come together

Saturday, August 25, 2007

need a good laugh?

once again . . . reading up on daily blog reads and came across something so hilarious that i just have to share! all of a sudden my life with 3 children . . . 3 and under . . . seems like a piece of cake and i don't have the right to ever complain of our crazy outings or anything else for that matter!

check this out and i promise you will be laughing so loud your neighbors might come over to see what all of the ruckus is! and when you are finished with that and you are looking for more . . . she has a blog too!

enjoy the weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2007

the sweetest things . . .

having a 1 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a 3 yr old . . . i'm sure you can imagine the amount of whining, crying, yelling, screaming (they are all girls) that we hear in our house on a daily basis!!

tonight while i was putting the girls in bed . . . before 9 pm again . . . the big girls were on their pillows and little brown eyes was laying on my belly at the foot of the bed. little miss had already fallen asleep, but little shrimp was still awake talking up a storm . . . she doesn't stop to take too many breaths! little brown eyes sits up and looks at the girls and crawls off of me and makes her way in between her big sisters to snuggle with them! it was so sweet! but it didn't last long because she started pulling shrimp's hair and she didn't like that too much!

fast forward a couple of minutes . . . little shrimp sits up. i can't remember why she sat up . . . isn't this forgetful memory thing not supposed to start until you get old? . . . but she was just sitting there looking at her "sissy" (aka little miss) and she picked up her hand (little miss is sound asleep) and just holds her hand for about 3 minutes or so while looking at her like, "wow i'm so lucky to have such a cool big sis," and then just lays back down!

it's moments like that when you realize that you are the luckiest person in the world! and there isn't a better blessing from god than your own children.

i gotta have it!

this is definitely the cutest apron i have EVER seen!!!

kim at olive juice & co is so talented . . . all of her aprons are just fabulous!! the betty apron, above, is only available here. you have got to check out the listing . . . this sweet little apron has a very unexpected detail. i actually don't think sean would complain one bit if i placed a bid on this cute little number!

loving their bar

their first lunch at the bar . . . notice the monster bites nana? they loved eating up there. and no they still haven't gotten dressed by lunch time.

their first craft time at the bar. it's been a long time since they have gotten to do paint. and yes . . . they are still nakey and i honestly don't see any chance of them getting dressed in the near furture! but at least now . . . little shrimp does have an ernie diaper on (her favorite diaper character) and little miss finally did decide to . . . oops i mean mommy made her . . . put her panties on.

starting to look like a home . . . sorta!

so i finally got the barstools assembled and i totally love them! i was really worried about them looking too "heavy" in our small kitchen but they really set it off. . . even though the counters are still covered in who knows what!

this is the sofa that we bought . . . the first one. when they delivered it had a couple of things wrong with it. some of the stitching was coming out . . . fixable. had an area that looked like it was about to rip . . . not so fixable. and the frame was completely broken on the chaise part . . . definitely not fixable! so we went to the store and returned it.

this is the new set that we got. they picked up the sectional and delivered these yesterday. i LOVE them. we were really biting our nails . . . hoping that they would look good in the orange room and getting prepared to repaint. we loved the dark chocolate sectional in there and we just weren't sure how these light slate blue sofas would look. i actually like them a whole lot more than the brown. i can't wait to get my curtains and pillows in there. we still have to find a rug for the room too . . . when the room is finished and the furniture is in it's actual place, i will post more pics of the room.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

this one's trashy . . .

is this the most serious trash truck you have ever seen or what?

oh . . . sorry for the lame title! i told you in my first post that i'm not a writer and i forgot to mention that i'm not a comedian either. that was the best i could come up with . . . so just bare with me.

is it naptime yet?

we ended up getting home a little later than usual last night after cheerleading because i had to deliver these . . .

so, i didn't get a chance to work on these . . .

because i had some orders i had to work on so i finish these . . .

and this crazy girl stayed up until 4:30 am with me . . .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

project for tonight . . .

the stools from target came today! i decided to go with these stools, because they looked a little more sturdy for the girls. still undecided on chairs for the dining room table though.

but for now we are off to cheer practice and the stools will have to wait until we get home! how cute is this little dynasty cheerleader?

thank you nana!

they love their jammies that were in the box!


i always loved making english muffin pizzas when i was a little girl . . . and now this is one of my girls favorite things to do too. it must be such a great feeling for a 2 and 3 year old to make their own lunch, watch it cook, and then get to eat what they made!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how cute is this?

i was catching up on my blog addiction and one of my daily reads featured the most adorable artwork!!

you can find carla sonheim's GIRLS! art in her etsy shop.

on a roll!

2 nights in a row . . . all 3 girls are in bed and asleep before 9pm!

learning is fun

just came across these pics from the Louisiana Children's Museum that i have been meaning to share. the girls had so much fun learning . . . i mean playing!

Monday, August 20, 2007

3 down . . . so many left

things are starting to get settled . . . well kinda! we are trying to do at least 1 little project every night. this past week and weekend we got the microwave and stove installed . . . thank you electrician and plumber for not doing this! and last night sean got the shelves installed in our little pantry hiding out under the staircase. oh and he also got the shoe molding installed in our office, so i guess that's actually 4 down!

our project for tonight is to get the gates on the stairs. and i'm getting ready to head to my favorite place . . . hobby lobby . . . to pick up a table that i am going to be using for my sewing/craft table!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

ice cream for breakfast?

staying dry at night is a big deal for our little miss. she has been wearing panties during the day since before she turned 2 years old. but for some reason she has the hardest time staying dry all thru the night, so she still wears a pull-up to bed. her 4th birthday is fast approaching and we would love for her to be able to stop wearing pull-ups to bed before she turns 4. so last night while we were getting ready for bed, i told her if she kept her pull-up dry, she could eat ice cream for breakfast and . . .

Friday, August 17, 2007

decisions . . . decisions . . .

i have been on the hunt for barstools to put in this corner of the kitchen for a while. i found some that i like at hobby lobby but they were $199.00 each. they always have their things on sale, but i still didn't want to spend that much. they are stained with upholstered seats. with wood floors and stained cabinets we were thinking that would be too much stained wood. and upholstered seats probably aren't the greatest idea with 3 messy little girls in this house!

so last night i was up till all hours of the morning searching the web and of course i found some at tar-jay! and they are on clearance! so i showed sean this afternoon when he came home from work and he says . . . great, lets get them. so i ordered them right away! well . . . now i think i am having buyers remorse or something. yes, i am feeling ok. i am second guessing myself on whether or not they are going to be too big and bulky in that small corner in the kitchen??

originally i was wanting something sleek, modern, and airy. we are going eclectic in this house . . . modern and old mixed together. after i got the girls to bed . . . did i mention they were in bed and asleep by 9 tonight . . . i had this great idea to see what ikea had to offer. and of course i found something there too! and if you can believe it . . . it is even cheaper. a lot cheaper! so, now i am completely torn.

i also found some chairs that are exactly what we are wanting for the dining room. i cannot get over the price of these and the barstools! i am thinking that i am going to be cancelling my order from good ole tar-jay!

note to self . . .

don't buy any more toys . . . they don't even play with them!

pop goes the weasel

too good to be true?

this is what all 3 of my girls are doing right now . . . . and these pictures were taken at 9 p.m.!!! i couldn't tell you the last time they were all 3 in bed that early. ok, so little brown eyed girl isn't in bed, but she is sleeping. and i'm sure the big girls were always in bed this early while they were with their nana and pops . . . but nana's must have a special potion that puts kids to sleep early or something because this is a very rare occurrence at our house.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

recharged . . . well sorta

as if i wasn't lucky enough just to get a couple weeks with only 1 baby . . . i got to take a girls trip to orange beach, alabama while the big girls were in missouri! it was so wonderul! 6 girls hanging out on the beach for 3 days with no worries other than remembering to reapply our sunscreen. we had so much fun, that i think i'm still trying to recover and catch up on the sleep that we forgot to get while we were there. the problem is that our condo was within arms reach to florabama . . . and we shut them down everynight!

life as we know it

our family is back together again! we picked up the girls from their 2 week stay with nana and pops friday night and our crazy life with 3 little ones is in full throttle again. we met nana and pops in hardy, arkansas to get the girls and we spent saturday rummaging thru all of their great little antique shops. we came across a little shop . . . . i wish i could remember the name but of course i can't . . . and they had the greatest wall signs. there were 3 that i fell in love with because they fit our family to a "t."

"the only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child"
"a crowded nest is the best nest of all"

and this one is the unofficial . . . . well maybe it should become the very official motto for our family . . .
"we may not have it all together, but together we have it all"

our life has been so crazy for the past year and a half. we have spent a good chunk of our time traveling the roads between missouri and new orleans and a good chunk was spent with daddy in new orleans and me and the girls in missouri. but all of the craziness really doesn't matter to me. i can handle that . . . i am a mother right?! all that matters is our family is together and we are living our craziness with each other!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i'm not lost!

i promise i'm not lost! we have been so busy trying to get things moved into our new house and moved out of our rental. i have lots of stories and pics i want to share. i'll be back very soon!