Friday, August 24, 2007

starting to look like a home . . . sorta!

so i finally got the barstools assembled and i totally love them! i was really worried about them looking too "heavy" in our small kitchen but they really set it off. . . even though the counters are still covered in who knows what!

this is the sofa that we bought . . . the first one. when they delivered it had a couple of things wrong with it. some of the stitching was coming out . . . fixable. had an area that looked like it was about to rip . . . not so fixable. and the frame was completely broken on the chaise part . . . definitely not fixable! so we went to the store and returned it.

this is the new set that we got. they picked up the sectional and delivered these yesterday. i LOVE them. we were really biting our nails . . . hoping that they would look good in the orange room and getting prepared to repaint. we loved the dark chocolate sectional in there and we just weren't sure how these light slate blue sofas would look. i actually like them a whole lot more than the brown. i can't wait to get my curtains and pillows in there. we still have to find a rug for the room too . . . when the room is finished and the furniture is in it's actual place, i will post more pics of the room.

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