Friday, August 17, 2007

decisions . . . decisions . . .

i have been on the hunt for barstools to put in this corner of the kitchen for a while. i found some that i like at hobby lobby but they were $199.00 each. they always have their things on sale, but i still didn't want to spend that much. they are stained with upholstered seats. with wood floors and stained cabinets we were thinking that would be too much stained wood. and upholstered seats probably aren't the greatest idea with 3 messy little girls in this house!

so last night i was up till all hours of the morning searching the web and of course i found some at tar-jay! and they are on clearance! so i showed sean this afternoon when he came home from work and he says . . . great, lets get them. so i ordered them right away! well . . . now i think i am having buyers remorse or something. yes, i am feeling ok. i am second guessing myself on whether or not they are going to be too big and bulky in that small corner in the kitchen??

originally i was wanting something sleek, modern, and airy. we are going eclectic in this house . . . modern and old mixed together. after i got the girls to bed . . . did i mention they were in bed and asleep by 9 tonight . . . i had this great idea to see what ikea had to offer. and of course i found something there too! and if you can believe it . . . it is even cheaper. a lot cheaper! so, now i am completely torn.

i also found some chairs that are exactly what we are wanting for the dining room. i cannot get over the price of these and the barstools! i am thinking that i am going to be cancelling my order from good ole tar-jay!

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Paula said...

I like your first choice.