Tuesday, September 30, 2008

saints sunday . . .

brown eyes got to go to her first ever saints game with dad and little miss!

our crew in their black and gold!

the little guy and little shrimp stayed home with mom and nana. shrimp wasn't too happy about that . . . to say the least . . . but she was happy again when she got to go to mcd's for lunch and get a yellow sno ball!

one week (and one day) new . . .

well . . . i was going to post this yesterday when our little guy was one week. but of course our internet was down last night and i wasn't able to! i am not exactly sure where the past week went . . . because it doesn't seem possible that he is already one week new! we are adjusting quite well to the new character in our family story. the girls are still smitten over their new baby brother . . . and mom and dad are too! he is a great baby . . . he is healthy . . . and eats and sleeps really well. and he is a really good snuggler. we are still trying to figure out who he looks like. pretty sure he resembles little shrimp the most. i just looked at little brown eye's baby pictures this morning . . . and i know for sure he doesn't look anything like she did. all i know for sure . . . he is as cute as a button and so so sweet!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

we're head over heels . . .

in love with our new little guy!
sawyer cole
september 22, 2008
10:08 am
7lbs 10 oz
20 inches

Saturday, September 20, 2008

looks like i'm not the only excited one . . .

there are 3 little girls in this house that just cannot wait to see how little their new baby brother is going to be! there are 3 little girls in this house that cannot wait to hold their new baby brother! there are 3 little girls in this house that cannot wait to help change teeny tiny dirty diapers! there are 3 little girls in this house that cannot wait to love their new baby brother!

we are almost ready around the house! laundry is done . . . well finishing up right now! the upstairs is clean! (don't ask about downstairs, please!) all of the beds have fresh, clean sheets! all of the teeny tiny clothes are about to go into the washer right now . . . just heard the lovely chime on my washer!

all i need to do is get the downstairs cleaned and i have a few things i need to pick up from the store today. you know the really important things . . . like new jammies for the hospital!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

this and that . . .

little brown eyes has been wearing panties to school all week . . . and she has stayed dry everyday! (i also learned that a little boy in her class, luke, has to hold her hand all the time . . . and all the boys flock to her and like to aggrevate her. i know she's cute . . . but come on . . . she's only 2!)

little shrimp's teacher made a point to tell me this morning that she has been so good every day since school started! (if you know little shrimp . . . you know this is a big deal. she is probably the sassiest 3 year old i have ever seen!)

little miss has been going to bed when i tell her and staying in her bed until she falls asleep! (this is huge!)

now . . . if only all of this positive behavior doesn't change when our little guy gets here!

and speaking of our little guy . . .

as of tuesday morning i was 2-3 cm. i am scheduled for an induction on monday morning if he doesn't come before then!

so the count down is on to get ready for the little man. (which by the way might have a head full of hair according to the ultrasound tech yesterday. maybe it will be brown like mine!)

tomorrow is the first day this week that i will get to be at home while the girls are at school . . . and i can't wait! and it gets better . . . tomorrow is an extended day so the big girls get to stay at school for lunch until 2:30. i'm thinking cleaning in the morning . . . and nap with brown eyes when i pick her up at noon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

on top of the to-do list . . .

how great is this idea!

i can't wait to do this with my girls!
(i do think i will wait until after our little man makes his appearance though . . . which i'm hoping is sooner than later!)

mystery photographer . . .

i had to email some pictures of a house that sean is remodeling to the insurance company and to my surprise . . . i found some pictures on my memory card that i didn't take.

look at those eyes . . . shrimp's deep blue eyes with little brown specs are just amazing to me! and those eyelashes . . . oh my are we in trouble!
and of course i think some credit needs to be given to the mystery photographer . . . not too shabby for a 5 year old!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

going to give this a try . . .

i have had this bookmarked for a long time . . . and for some reason just thought about it again. i just registered for my $1 trial on the grocery game and am going to give this a try! if i can save us a few dollars (or $80) each week at the grocery store it can't hurt . . . right? grocery prices are completely out of control. the amount of money we spend each week on milk alone is completely nuts. so . . . i am going to try this grocery game thing out and see what happens. this is another site that helps pinch your pinnies . . . and it's free. i will let you know how it goes . . . now i just have to find the motivation to make my way to the grocery store!

sunday in the city . . .

i have my camera back now . . . and here are the pics i was planning on posting yesterday!

sunday we took the girls downtown for beignets. we planned on hopping on a street car to get down to the french quarter . . . but they weren't back up and running yet . . . once again thanks to mr. gustav! once they got their beignets . . . they completely forgot about the street car and all was good again!

after we filled up on beignets . . . we headed across the street to jackson square. little miss wanted to check out all of the art work . . . little shrimp wanted to get closer to the castle (aka st. louis cathedral) . . . and the money bathtub (aka fountain) . . . and little brown eyes just wanted to keep up with the big girls!

considering our house is only about 10 minutes max from the best known part of the city . . . we really don't do this enough. the girls had so much . . . sean and i had so much fun just watching them have fun. little miss made a new friend while she was looking at the art of one of the local vendors . . . we literally had to pull her away from the artist. she was so intrigued with watching her paint and asking her questions. as soon as little miss walked up to her . . . the lady said . . . i can tell she is going to be an artist. of course she has no idea . . . but at this point in her life . . . i might have to agree with her. miss loves everything art . . . she is the most content when she is creating something. if our little man still is hanging out in his mama's belly this weekend . . . i think we might have to do this again!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in other news . . .

well . . . i was going to use this lovely 3 hours i have completely to myself each morning (yes i'm taking full advantage of it . . . because it won't be long until i am sharing it will a new little guy!) to put some new pics of the girls up from this weekend. but . . . since my camera is in sean's car . . . and sean isn't home . . . that isn't going to happen. so this is all you get. but in case you were wondering . . . as of monday i was 1 cm. so . . . from here on out it's just a waiting game! last week i had an ultra sound and he (i think we better start finalizing the name . . . huh!?) was slightly over 5 lbs . . . which is more than little shrimp weighed when she was born. and i have officially made it past 37 weeks . . . which is full term . . . and longer than i carried shrimp or brown eyes. and something else exciting . . . the lawn guys are here cutting our grass! we thought they had disappeared forever because they are a few weeks late!

Monday, September 8, 2008

school is cool . . .

thanks to mr. gustav . . . the girls first day of school was delayed. so today was the big day! i'm not sure who was more excited . . . me or the girls! little miss has been counting down the times she has to sleep before she gets to go back to school! little shrimp has been walking around the past couple of days letting us know . . . "school is cool!" and brown eyes makes sure everyone knows . . . "me school too!"

the big girls couldn't wait to go back and see all of the friends they made last year and especially their teachers. brown eyes was so excited she could hardly stand it (not exactly sure you can tell that by the picture)!

as we were driving to school and brown eyes spotted it . . . she started giggling and put her hand to her mouth saying . . . "my class! my class! my class!" and she got even more excited once we were walking up the sidewalk. she took off running so fast she was inside before me or the big girls! i had to stop her at her class door and she turned around with the biggest pucker lips and gave me a big smacker . . . and said, "BYE MOMMY!" and went right inside.

and as you can see . . . she came out just as happy as when she went in!

Monday, September 1, 2008

can't believe this is possible . . .

today our little miss turned five years old! i can't believe how big she is getting . . . little miss is such a sweet little girl. she is the best big sister . . . and her little sisters know that. they love her more than anything in the world! little miss got to spend her 5th birthday in missouri . . . without her mommy and daddy! it was a little weird not having the little girl that i share my birthday with here . . . but she wanted to have her birthday in missouri so . . . that's what she got to do. of course . . . her nana and pops gave her a birthday party that she will probably never forget!

happy birthday little miss! i hope you had a very special day . . . and i can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you lots of birthday kisses and hugs!