Monday, September 8, 2008

school is cool . . .

thanks to mr. gustav . . . the girls first day of school was delayed. so today was the big day! i'm not sure who was more excited . . . me or the girls! little miss has been counting down the times she has to sleep before she gets to go back to school! little shrimp has been walking around the past couple of days letting us know . . . "school is cool!" and brown eyes makes sure everyone knows . . . "me school too!"

the big girls couldn't wait to go back and see all of the friends they made last year and especially their teachers. brown eyes was so excited she could hardly stand it (not exactly sure you can tell that by the picture)!

as we were driving to school and brown eyes spotted it . . . she started giggling and put her hand to her mouth saying . . . "my class! my class! my class!" and she got even more excited once we were walking up the sidewalk. she took off running so fast she was inside before me or the big girls! i had to stop her at her class door and she turned around with the biggest pucker lips and gave me a big smacker . . . and said, "BYE MOMMY!" and went right inside.

and as you can see . . . she came out just as happy as when she went in!

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