Thursday, September 11, 2008

sunday in the city . . .

i have my camera back now . . . and here are the pics i was planning on posting yesterday!

sunday we took the girls downtown for beignets. we planned on hopping on a street car to get down to the french quarter . . . but they weren't back up and running yet . . . once again thanks to mr. gustav! once they got their beignets . . . they completely forgot about the street car and all was good again!

after we filled up on beignets . . . we headed across the street to jackson square. little miss wanted to check out all of the art work . . . little shrimp wanted to get closer to the castle (aka st. louis cathedral) . . . and the money bathtub (aka fountain) . . . and little brown eyes just wanted to keep up with the big girls!

considering our house is only about 10 minutes max from the best known part of the city . . . we really don't do this enough. the girls had so much . . . sean and i had so much fun just watching them have fun. little miss made a new friend while she was looking at the art of one of the local vendors . . . we literally had to pull her away from the artist. she was so intrigued with watching her paint and asking her questions. as soon as little miss walked up to her . . . the lady said . . . i can tell she is going to be an artist. of course she has no idea . . . but at this point in her life . . . i might have to agree with her. miss loves everything art . . . she is the most content when she is creating something. if our little man still is hanging out in his mama's belly this weekend . . . i think we might have to do this again!

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kellyandamberbaby said...

That sounds awesome! Makes me want a beignet:) I love the picture by the fountain.