Wednesday, September 10, 2008

in other news . . .

well . . . i was going to use this lovely 3 hours i have completely to myself each morning (yes i'm taking full advantage of it . . . because it won't be long until i am sharing it will a new little guy!) to put some new pics of the girls up from this weekend. but . . . since my camera is in sean's car . . . and sean isn't home . . . that isn't going to happen. so this is all you get. but in case you were wondering . . . as of monday i was 1 cm. so . . . from here on out it's just a waiting game! last week i had an ultra sound and he (i think we better start finalizing the name . . . huh!?) was slightly over 5 lbs . . . which is more than little shrimp weighed when she was born. and i have officially made it past 37 weeks . . . which is full term . . . and longer than i carried shrimp or brown eyes. and something else exciting . . . the lawn guys are here cutting our grass! we thought they had disappeared forever because they are a few weeks late!

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