Friday, July 31, 2009

there's something different about her . . .

you could never guess by looking at her right side . . .

but when she turns around . . .
doesn't take long to see that she got a little carried away . . .
with a pair of scissors!

a brudder and his stisters . . .

a baby brudder is way more fun than a baby doll!

life with 3 mudders stisters isn't so bad.

and for a very rare second everyone was smiling . . . at the same time!
seriously . . . right after the shutter clicked a screaming fit began!

little brown eyes on being three . . .

"i big. but i little. but i am big."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

not two anymore . . .

little brown eyes is 3 today!

she has asked everyone to sing happy birthday to her.
she keeps asking me if it's still her birthday.
she got to have cupcakes after art camp today.

this little brown eyed girl is a pepper.
she is funny.
she is silly.
she is cute as can be.
she when she wants to be is sweet.
she loves her big sisters.
she loves to dance.
she i think loves her brother.
she is not shy.
she knows how to wear me out.
she is THREE!

happy birthday little brown eyed girl!
we love you to the moon and back!

Friday, July 24, 2009

swimmin' in the pool . . .

"imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.
but without it we go nowhere."

-carl sagan

Thursday, July 23, 2009

{free} bowling fun . . .

click here to find out if there is a participating bowling alley in your city!

10 months {and 1 day} . . .

really . . . could time go any faster? our little buddy man is already 10 months young! and he seriously is the sweetest . . . cutest . . . happiest . . . cuddliest . . . funniest baby ever!

walking is in his near future!
teeth #5 and #6 are in his very near future!
ma ma ma ma ma is his favorite word!
food is probably his favorite thing ever!
his sisters love him and aggrevate him!
he wants to play with them so bad!
he can make it to the top of the stairs way too quick!
he loves to play peekaboo . . . patty cake . . . and do the itsy bitsy spider!
he has the biggest most squeezable legs!
he has the most adorable huge gap between his front teeth!
he can put a smile on anyone's face!

Monday, July 20, 2009

progress . . .

the house project is in full swing . . .
the ugly roof has been taken off . . .
the lumber has been salvaged for reconstruction and
the rough sawn joists and beams have been delivered.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a seasoned pro . . .

after being a big sister 3 times . . .
holding her brand new baby cousin, madelyn faith, is second nature!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

monkeyin' around . . .

yesterday we had great playdate with school friends at my good friend jen's house . . . complete with a water slide for the kids and even the margarita machine made its appearance before the last stragglers made their way out the door.

the moms were having so much fun talking and catching up i didn't take my camera out 1 time to get a picture.

but what is a blog post without a picture?
so instead of the monkeys kids playing on the water slide . . . you get to see one of the hilarious orangutans at the zoo. he was walking along the perimeter of their area with his hand out to each person as if he was asking for food. not to mention it looked like he had a smile on his face the whole time!

Monday, July 13, 2009

sweet treats . . .

the kids are bored . . .

i am going crazy . . .

we are looking for things to keep us busy . . .

and out of the heat . . .

so we made a sweet treat!

a little fyi . . . i broke the pretzel sticks in half so they were more of a child size. they were the perfect size for the girls to make on their own . . . and tomorrow at our water playdate they will be just the right size for a quick snack between trips down the water slide!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

all good things must come to an end . . .

life the past 2 weeks has been a breeze. little miss and buddy are at their nana and pops. when you are used to life with 4 . . . 2 is like a walk in the park. there has been less fighting, screaming, crying. cleaning the house is easy. going to a restaurant is easy. going to the store is easy. getting out of the house is easy.

today we are going to meet nana, little miss, and buddy 1/2 way between here and there.
image from nana's iphone

it really has been a good week and a half. but when your are used to life with 4 . . . walking in the park with 2 is quite lonely! we miss our big sister and our baby brother a lot. even though this good thing has come to an end . . . being all together again will be great!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the best i could get . . .

i tried to get a really cute pic of the girls in their new and funky patriotic dresses. but this is what i got . . .

a grumpy brown eyed girl . . .
with very little of her dress in the picture.

and a sleeping beauty . . .
with her arm covering up the cutest part of the dress.

yes . . . she slept in her clothes from the day before.
and no . . . it wasn't the first time that has happened.

day dreams . . .

someday . . .

i want to live in a beautiful old house. in a small town. close to the beach.

i want to drive an old car. a cool old car.
sean will want an old car too. an old classic pickup.
our children will want to participate in the neighborhood parades. we will decorate their bikes and wagon for the parade.

i will spend my free time shopping. in quirky antique stores. to furnish our beautiful old house.
sean and i will share loft space. above the quirky antique store. he will have his office space.
and i will have mine. mine will be a photography studio. and a community art center for kids.
someday all of this might come true . . . but for now it's just what i day dream about.

what do you day dream about?

all photos via flickr
house. wagon. truck. parade. store. office. studio.

Monday, July 6, 2009

a late lunch . . .

sometimes sean will eat a late lunch because of his unpredictable work schedule. after learning about late lunches . . . our little shrimp loves to have a late lunch herself. friday, sean and i took the 2 little ones that are home with us on a {late} lunch date to superior grill. it was delish!

we thought they would enjoy a kiddie pina colada . . .
but we were wrong and i got to enjoy 2 kiddie pina colodas!

but this little brown eyed girl sure did enjoy using the cherry as a spoon for the whipped topping!

Friday, July 3, 2009

seeing stars {and stripes} . . .

i have a little something in the works for our 2 little sparklers that are home for the 4th . . .
stay tuned!

shrimp is famous . . .

. . . check it

and while your there . . . check out all of the adorable things paperlili has to offer!! i am a big fan of paperlili shirts . . . shrimp's glitter glam shirt is her go to shirt! we have several paperlili shirts between shrimp and buddy . . . and are about to have one more as a starting big school gift for little miss!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a recap . . .

here is a quick recap of our wonderful weekend in st. louis . . .

we celebrated a special 3 yr old's birthday!
1. DSC_0083, 2. DSC_0086, 3. DSC_0091, 4. DSC_0092, 5. DSC_0094, 6. DSC_0122, 7. DSC_0124, 8. DSC_0125, 9. DSC_0131

and the zoo!
1. DSC_0154, 2. DSC_0159, 3. DSC_0161, 4. DSC_0166, 5. DSC_0181, 6. DSC_0184, 7. DSC_0186, 8. DSC_0188, 9. DSC_0195, 10. DSC_0200, 11. DSC_0201, 12. DSC_0203, 13. DSC_0204, 14. DSC_0205, 15. DSC_0209, 16. DSC_0210, 17. DSC_0213, 18. DSC_0214, 19. DSC_0215, 20. DSC_0220, 21. DSC_0222, 22. DSC_0223, 23. DSC_0224, 24. DSC_0226, 25. DSC_0230

and then we headed back to new orleans . . . with only little shrimp and our brown eyed girl!