Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the {perfect} weekend . . .

we made a quick trip to st. louis this weekend to see my family! all of us getting together doesn't happen very often. we are in new orleans . . . my oldest brother is in st. louis, mo . . . and my parents and other big brother are in springfield, mo . . . so it's hard to get us all in one spot at the same time. so this weekend we made the trip to st. louis and the springfield people made the trip . . . and we spent the whole weekend together. it doesn't get any better than that! and to top it off . . . we came home with only 2 of the little ones. little miss and our little buddy man are at their nana and pops for a week or so getting really spoiled having a lot of fun!

i have a bunch of photos from the weekend that i will be posting . . . hopefully sooner than later!

oh . . . and we had family pictures taken while we were there! my family hasn't had a family picture taken since i was about 1 or 2-ish years old! my parents have been wanting to get a family picture for a long . . . long . . . long time! and it finally happend! i cannot wait to see them!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

little miss couture . . .

big ideas in the works . . .

she has a vision . . .

making measurements . . .

adding the finishing touches . . .

and a couture dress by little miss is complete!

start to finish . . . this was all little miss!

miss wants shrimp to wear this to VBS today . . .

shrimp said, "do i have to?"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

did your mother actually let you out of the house looking like that . . .

well actually she did let them out of the house looking like that . . .

and actually . . .

1. DSC_0003, 2. DSC_0009

the mother and father went out of the house looking like that too!

and of course they couldn't leave this little one out of the fun . . .

he had to sport a faux hawk to get in on the silly sunday hair day!

are you wondering why we had crazy hair and actually left the house?

well this is how it all came about . . .

brown eyes wanted crazy hair . . .

that turned into shrimp wanting crazy hair too . . .

and that turned into little miss wanting crazy hair too . . .

we were about to leave for lunch on father's day and . . .

the 3 crazy girls said . . .

"mommy and daddy . . . you have to have crazy hair too!"

and when you have 3 little girls that are as cute as ours . . .

it's hard to say "no!"

and when you live in new orleans . . .

you can pretty much wear whatever you want . . .

and look as crazy as you want . . .

and never get looked at like you are crazy!

so we let our hair down made our hair crazy . . .

and enjoyed our lunch on frenchman street!

Monday, June 22, 2009

the magical adventure . . .

last week, little miss went to an all day camp at one of our favorite places . . . the louisiana children's museum! the camp was all about acting and production. i was so proud of her because she didn't know one person at the camp but each morning she went in with a smile on her face! the last day of camp they showed off what they had worked on all week. the kids put on the entire production . . . set design, script, program design, costumes! their play was called the magical adventure . . . a classroom goes on a field trip to the zoo and their imagination takes them into the tiger cage as pirates and fairies. it was so cute . . . and really great considering the campers did it pretty much all on their own!
1. DSC_0122 (2), 2. DSC_0128 (2), 3. DSC_0125, 4. DSC_0129 (2), 5. DSC_0130 (2), 6. DSC_0142 (2), 7. DSC_0134, 8. DSC_0131 (2), 9. DSC_0132 (2), 10. DSC_0133 (2), 11. DSC_0135 (2), 12. DSC_0136 (2), 13. DSC_0137 (2), 14. DSC_0140 (2), 15. DSC_0141 (2)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

lots of love letters . . .

little girls always have a special kind of love for their daddy . . . and these little girls are no different! their hearts are filled full with love for their daddy and their pops, and papa!

i am so excited to see the bonds that develop between our little buddy and the big guys in his life!

dear daddy, pops, and papa,
i can't wait to get a little bigger so i can do 'guy' things with you! my sisters are fun . . . but i'm ready for some boy time!
s (little buddy)


dear daddy,
i love you.
o (brown eyes)

dear pops,
i love you. i miss you.
o (brown eyes)

dear papa,
i love you.
o (brown eyes)


dear daddy,
i love you. you're the best cooker. happy father's day.
i love you,
i (little shrimp)

dear pops,
i love when you make pancakes. i love you. i miss you. i love you.
i (little shrimp)

dear papa,
i love you. i love coming to your house.
i (little shrimp)


dear daddy,
i love you daddy. i love you so much. i like going to the park with you. you're a good daddy because you love me.
d (little miss)

dear pops,
i love you and miss you 100! i can't wait to come to your house and swing with you.
d (little miss)

dear papa,
i love to sleep over at your house. i love you.
d (little miss)


dear dad,
we are so blessed to have a father like you! you always have shown us love, patience, and understanding . . . and of course you have taught us that you can never have too much fun! i wish we could spend father's day together . . . but next weekend will be here before we know it! i hope you have a wonderful day and get some r&r! you deserve a day full of relaxation! thank you for being such a great dad and a awesome pops to all the grandkids!! they couldn't ask for a better pops!
i love and miss you!

dear sean,
thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to our little ones. my favorite part of the day is when i hear you pull up from work, tell the kids you are home, and see the sparkle in their eye as they run to see who can open the door for you first! thank you for providing us with so much. you are one hard working man and we are so thankful for that! our children are so fortunate to have you as their daddy . . . and i am so blessed to have you as my husband! happy father's day!
love forever and always,

dear mr. neil,
thank you so much for raising sean to be such a wonderful man! we couldn't ask for a better daddy or husband! our children love their papa so much and are so fortunate to have you! happy father's day! we hope you have a wonderful dad's day!

happy father's day dads!

21 questions with daddy . . .

i did this little interview with the girls about me and wanted to do the same for their daddy.

o - brown eyes (2 yrs 10 1/2 months)
i - shrimp (4 years 1 month)
d - little miss (5 years 9 1/2 months)

what is something that daddy always says to you?
o - be nice
i - stop eating your boogers
d - i love you

what makes daddy happy?
o - nuffing
i - when we play with each other
d - saying i love you

what makes daddy sad?
o - nuffing
i - when we don't play with each other
d - saying i don't love you

what does daddy do to make you laugh?
o - nuffing
i - shows us a silly face
d - make funny faces

what your daddy like as a child?
o - nuffing
i - a rock star
d - a movie start

how old is your daddy?
o - i don't know
i - 32
d - 23

how tall is your daddy?
o - big
i - SO big!
d - large

what is your daddy's favorite thing to do?
o - nuffing
i - work
d - watch football

what does daddy do when your not around?
o - i don't know
i - clean (little miss' response to that . . . "bella . . . he does NOT clean!!)
d - go to work

if your daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?
o - i don't know
i - i don't know
d - be a famous star

what is daddy really good at?
o - i don't know
i - playing the kuitar (aka guitar)
d - football

what is daddy not really good at?
o - nuffing
i - make food
d - driving

what does your daddy do for his job?
o - nuffin'
i - make money
d - construction worker

what is daddy's favorite food?
o - not yogurt. just banilla yogurt. not ice cream yogurt.
i - salad
d - green beans

what makes daddy proud?
o - nuffing
i - when we make him a picture
d - when i say please can i have water

if daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be?
o - nuffing
i - elmo
d - spongebob

what do you and your daddy do together?
o - nuffing. i don't know.
i - play at the park
d - goin' on a bike ride

how are you daddy the same?
o - ummmm . . . nuffing
i - we play hide and go seek
d - eyes

how are you and daddy different?
o - nuffing
i - we don't have the same hair
d - his feet are bigger and my feet are smaller

how do you know your daddy loves you?
o - uhhhh . . . i don't know
i - because we play with each other
d - be he makes me happy

where is daddy's favorit place to go?
o - um restaurant
i - not mcdonald's
d - go to the park with me

Friday, June 19, 2009

happy weekend . . .

i know i'm a wee bit biased . . .
but is our little buddy not the cutest little thing ever!

seriously . . .
i could eat him up.
all in one piece!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

our little dancing queen . . .

this girl loves to dance . . .

and i love to watch her dance!

2 fridays ago . . .

sean and i were kid free, so we hopped on our bikes and rode from lakeview to the french quarter to the bywater area to the faubourg marigny and all the way back down esplanade avenue back to lakeview. it was a perfectly lovely day with sean while we enjoyed all the beautiful architecture in the city. most of these pictures were taken as i was riding and i didn't look thru the view finder . . . it was so fun to come home and see what kind of photographs i was able to get!
1. DSC_1005, 2. DSC_1007, 3. DSC_1009, 4. DSC_1013, 5. DSC_1019, 6. DSC_1020, 7. DSC_1021, 8. DSC_1026, 9. DSC_1027, 10. DSC_1028, 11. DSC_1030, 12. DSC_1032, 13. DSC_1034, 14. DSC_1035, 15. DSC_1036, 16. DSC_1037, 17. DSC_1038, 18. DSC_1039, 19. DSC_1042, 20. DSC_1045, 21. DSC_1047, 22. DSC_1048, 23. DSC_1049, 24. DSC_1050, 25. DSC_1052, 26. DSC_1056, 27. DSC_0001, 28. DSC_0002, 29. DSC_0003, 30. DSC_0005

1. DSC_0006, 2. DSC_0008, 3. DSC_0009, 4. DSC_0010, 5. DSC_0011, 6. DSC_0013, 7. DSC_0014, 8. DSC_0016, 9. DSC_0017, 10. DSC_0020, 11. DSC_0021, 12. DSC_0022, 13. DSC_0023, 14. DSC_0024, 15. DSC_0025, 16. DSC_0026, 17. DSC_0027, 18. DSC_0028, 19. DSC_0029, 20. DSC_0030, 21. DSC_0031, 22. DSC_0033, 23. DSC_0034, 24. DSC_0035, 25. DSC_0036, 26. DSC_0040, 27. DSC_0042, 28. DSC_0047, 29. DSC_0048, 30. DSC_0052

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one house at a time . . .

the area of new orleans that we live in was devastated by hurricane katrina. we still lived in missouri when katrina hit . . . but it wasn't long after that we moved down here so sean could get in on the work to help rebuild his city. the house we live in is a house that sean, his brother, and his father started remodeling together as an investment property. we ended up falling in love with the house . . . and buying them out on the project and finished the remodel on our own. we love our house . . . it is one of the original houses in the lakeview area . . . but we have outgrown it.

so . . . we are selling and going to remodel another katrina devasted home! we are so excited about this one. it has so much potential and the end result is going to be fantastic! of course i will post updates as progress is made. here is the house in it's current condition . . .
1. DSC_0851, 2. DSC_0855, 3. DSC_0854, 4. DSC_0853
only in new orleans is a house that looks like this something to be excited about!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a black eyed pea . . .

our little brown eyed girl got into it with the window and she has a pretty nasty battle wound. poor little thing . . . i'm not exactly sure how it happened but i do know it had something to do with jumping on the sofa! her lovely black eye has earned her the temporary name of black eyed pea at our house. and she consistently reminds us . . . "i don't have black eyes . . . i have brown eyes!"

who wouldn't mind waking up at 6 everyday . . .

when this is what you wake up to!
1. DSC_0088, 2. DSC_0090, 3. DSC_0091, 4. DSC_0092, 5. DSC_0093, 6. DSC_0094, 7. DSC_0095, 8. DSC_0096, 9. DSC_0097, 10. DSC_0098, 11. DSC_0099, 12. DSC_0100

Thursday, June 11, 2009

all she wanted was her very own cupcake maker . . .

so a birthday party at the kupcake factory seemed to be the perfect party place for shrimp's 4th birthday! and yes . . . she did get her very own cupcake maker from her nana and pops!
1. DSC_0542, 2. DSC_0543, 3. DSC_0545, 4. DSC_0546, 5. DSC_0550, 6. DSC_0553, 7. DSC_0554, 8. DSC_0555, 9. DSC_0557, 10. DSC_0558, 11. DSC_0560, 12. DSC_0563, 13. DSC_0566, 14. DSC_0570, 15. DSC_0573, 16. DSC_0574, 17. DSC_0579, 18. DSC_0584, 19. DSC_0587, 20. DSC_0589, 21. DSC_0590, 22. DSC_0598, 23. DSC_0601, 24. DSC_0610, 25. DSC_0615, 26. DSC_0620, 27. DSC_0621, 28. DSC_0628, 29. DSC_0641, 30. DSC_0645, 31. DSC_0662, 32. DSC_0665, 33. DSC_0700, 34. DSC_0709, 35. DSC_0721, 36. DSC_0725

trying to stay sane . . .

i came across a great idea and had to let the girls try it out! we are looking for anything that will keep us busy this summer!
1. DSC_0058, 2. DSC_0056, 3. DSC_0061, 4. DSC_0057

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

a herbal remedy that really works . . .

poor little brown eyes woke up crying at 10pm because her ear was hurting. she kept crying . . . and crying . . . and crying. i did a warm wet wash cloth on her ear and that helped for a minute max. next i googled home remedies for ear infections and read about some pretty crazy things that people have tried . . . including 1 remedy that had to do with urine. so gross!!!!

one of the remedies that i kept seeing was garic and olive oil. so i put a little olive oil in a small bowl with a little minced garlic that i have in the fridge and warmed it up a bit in the microwave. i used a spoon to get a couple of drops of the warm oil into her ear. she stopped crying the very instant the oil touched her ear . . . no joke.