Sunday, June 21, 2009

21 questions with daddy . . .

i did this little interview with the girls about me and wanted to do the same for their daddy.

o - brown eyes (2 yrs 10 1/2 months)
i - shrimp (4 years 1 month)
d - little miss (5 years 9 1/2 months)

what is something that daddy always says to you?
o - be nice
i - stop eating your boogers
d - i love you

what makes daddy happy?
o - nuffing
i - when we play with each other
d - saying i love you

what makes daddy sad?
o - nuffing
i - when we don't play with each other
d - saying i don't love you

what does daddy do to make you laugh?
o - nuffing
i - shows us a silly face
d - make funny faces

what your daddy like as a child?
o - nuffing
i - a rock star
d - a movie start

how old is your daddy?
o - i don't know
i - 32
d - 23

how tall is your daddy?
o - big
i - SO big!
d - large

what is your daddy's favorite thing to do?
o - nuffing
i - work
d - watch football

what does daddy do when your not around?
o - i don't know
i - clean (little miss' response to that . . . "bella . . . he does NOT clean!!)
d - go to work

if your daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?
o - i don't know
i - i don't know
d - be a famous star

what is daddy really good at?
o - i don't know
i - playing the kuitar (aka guitar)
d - football

what is daddy not really good at?
o - nuffing
i - make food
d - driving

what does your daddy do for his job?
o - nuffin'
i - make money
d - construction worker

what is daddy's favorite food?
o - not yogurt. just banilla yogurt. not ice cream yogurt.
i - salad
d - green beans

what makes daddy proud?
o - nuffing
i - when we make him a picture
d - when i say please can i have water

if daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be?
o - nuffing
i - elmo
d - spongebob

what do you and your daddy do together?
o - nuffing. i don't know.
i - play at the park
d - goin' on a bike ride

how are you daddy the same?
o - ummmm . . . nuffing
i - we play hide and go seek
d - eyes

how are you and daddy different?
o - nuffing
i - we don't have the same hair
d - his feet are bigger and my feet are smaller

how do you know your daddy loves you?
o - uhhhh . . . i don't know
i - because we play with each other
d - be he makes me happy

where is daddy's favorit place to go?
o - um restaurant
i - not mcdonald's
d - go to the park with me

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