Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one house at a time . . .

the area of new orleans that we live in was devastated by hurricane katrina. we still lived in missouri when katrina hit . . . but it wasn't long after that we moved down here so sean could get in on the work to help rebuild his city. the house we live in is a house that sean, his brother, and his father started remodeling together as an investment property. we ended up falling in love with the house . . . and buying them out on the project and finished the remodel on our own. we love our house . . . it is one of the original houses in the lakeview area . . . but we have outgrown it.

so . . . we are selling and going to remodel another katrina devasted home! we are so excited about this one. it has so much potential and the end result is going to be fantastic! of course i will post updates as progress is made. here is the house in it's current condition . . .
1. DSC_0851, 2. DSC_0855, 3. DSC_0854, 4. DSC_0853
only in new orleans is a house that looks like this something to be excited about!

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Anonymous said...

I know what Sean can do with that house and it will be awesome when he is finished! Excited for you guys that you will have much more room when he's finished with!
Love yall!! Nana