Wednesday, July 8, 2009

day dreams . . .

someday . . .

i want to live in a beautiful old house. in a small town. close to the beach.

i want to drive an old car. a cool old car.
sean will want an old car too. an old classic pickup.
our children will want to participate in the neighborhood parades. we will decorate their bikes and wagon for the parade.

i will spend my free time shopping. in quirky antique stores. to furnish our beautiful old house.
sean and i will share loft space. above the quirky antique store. he will have his office space.
and i will have mine. mine will be a photography studio. and a community art center for kids.
someday all of this might come true . . . but for now it's just what i day dream about.

what do you day dream about?

all photos via flickr
house. wagon. truck. parade. store. office. studio.

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