Thursday, July 9, 2009

all good things must come to an end . . .

life the past 2 weeks has been a breeze. little miss and buddy are at their nana and pops. when you are used to life with 4 . . . 2 is like a walk in the park. there has been less fighting, screaming, crying. cleaning the house is easy. going to a restaurant is easy. going to the store is easy. getting out of the house is easy.

today we are going to meet nana, little miss, and buddy 1/2 way between here and there.
image from nana's iphone

it really has been a good week and a half. but when your are used to life with 4 . . . walking in the park with 2 is quite lonely! we miss our big sister and our baby brother a lot. even though this good thing has come to an end . . . being all together again will be great!

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