Monday, September 1, 2008

can't believe this is possible . . .

today our little miss turned five years old! i can't believe how big she is getting . . . little miss is such a sweet little girl. she is the best big sister . . . and her little sisters know that. they love her more than anything in the world! little miss got to spend her 5th birthday in missouri . . . without her mommy and daddy! it was a little weird not having the little girl that i share my birthday with here . . . but she wanted to have her birthday in missouri so . . . that's what she got to do. of course . . . her nana and pops gave her a birthday party that she will probably never forget!

happy birthday little miss! i hope you had a very special day . . . and i can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you lots of birthday kisses and hugs!

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