Thursday, September 18, 2008

this and that . . .

little brown eyes has been wearing panties to school all week . . . and she has stayed dry everyday! (i also learned that a little boy in her class, luke, has to hold her hand all the time . . . and all the boys flock to her and like to aggrevate her. i know she's cute . . . but come on . . . she's only 2!)

little shrimp's teacher made a point to tell me this morning that she has been so good every day since school started! (if you know little shrimp . . . you know this is a big deal. she is probably the sassiest 3 year old i have ever seen!)

little miss has been going to bed when i tell her and staying in her bed until she falls asleep! (this is huge!)

now . . . if only all of this positive behavior doesn't change when our little guy gets here!

and speaking of our little guy . . .

as of tuesday morning i was 2-3 cm. i am scheduled for an induction on monday morning if he doesn't come before then!

so the count down is on to get ready for the little man. (which by the way might have a head full of hair according to the ultrasound tech yesterday. maybe it will be brown like mine!)

tomorrow is the first day this week that i will get to be at home while the girls are at school . . . and i can't wait! and it gets better . . . tomorrow is an extended day so the big girls get to stay at school for lunch until 2:30. i'm thinking cleaning in the morning . . . and nap with brown eyes when i pick her up at noon.


beki said...

Enjoy your day!

Chrissy said...

Just wanted to say good luck with the new arrival! What a lucky little guy to be born into a sweet little family full of so much love. Tell your mom to send pics ASAP because I can't wait to see him!!!! Love and Prayers from Missouri!