Wednesday, August 29, 2007

slowly but surely . . .

how miserable does my little brown eyed girl look?
my poor baby is cutting all of her teeth at once. she has had the top 4 and bottom 2 forever and now all of a sudden the rest of her teeth are all coming in at the same time.

so we went on a hunt for a rug yesterday for the living room and this is what all we came home with. we are making progress . . . and i think i might be seeing a tiny spec of light at the end of a tunnel!

how cute is this all around town rug?
i have seen these everywhere with boy-ish colors, but this is the first one i have seen with girl colors. and it is so cute! there is a bake shop, a shoe store, a dress shop and my girls favorite . . . a beach!! this will be so cute in their bright pink room!

tile for our backsplash . . . it's travertine mosaic. it's beautiful!

our rug for the living room . . . its a shaggy rug.
we wanted more shaggy but with 3 little ones and a dog . . . we thought this would be much easier to keep clean.

backsplash almost complete

living room starting to come together

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