Monday, March 22, 2010

18 months & another finished project . . .

our little buddy man reached the 18 months milestone yesterday . . .
man oh man does time fly by!
1. DSC_2465, 2. DSC_2464, 3. DSC_2457, 4. DSC_2461,
5. DSC_2471, 6. DSC_2450, 7. DSC_2449, 8. DSC_2448

i figured that since he was having a 1/2 birthday . . . it would be really nice of me to finish what i started! so i did . . . and i made him model it for me even though he would have rather had just his diaper on.

this little man has become quite the climber . . .
i have found him on my sewing table,
i have found him on the kitchen counter getting into the cabinets,
his favorite spot to eat is on TOP of the dining room table!

he has been sucker {aka pacifier} free for a week and a half!

his favorite words are:
mama {for me and little miss!}
gaga {dada}
beba {bella}
o-yi-ee-a {olivia}
ba-bee {baby}
pupa {puppy}
pah {pops}
buyyy-buyyy {bye-bye}
baba {bottle/cup}
kookoo {cookie}
cak-kuh {cracker}
cooook-n {cooking}
rrrrraaaaaaahhhh {the sound every animal makes}

and my favorite . . .
big boy puckered up kiss-y sounds!