Friday, March 5, 2010

i actually finished something . . .

that was just what i needed . . .
i love being in my sewing room and making things.
i love to sew.
i love to craft.
i love to paint.
i think you get the point.
i especially love making clothing for my little peeps!
i hope little miss loves this fun and super twirly circle skirt as much as i do!
she picked the fabric from my stash and asked for a skirt.
i didn't have a pattern.
i knew what i wanted it to look like.
and i just started cutting and sewing.
{with a little help from mom on how to get a perfect circle via email.}
i love how springy it is!
i am debating adding a pocket with a cute little vintage button.
i need to get a tee and/or a little tank to match.
and add a little funky cuteness with some yo-yo flowers and ruffles.
but it can't be too fancy . . .
little miss doesn't like fancy.
{at least that's what she tells me.}
it feels wonderful to have started and finished a project!
i love checking something off my creative to-do list.
i can't wait to start {and finish} another!

happy weekend!

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