Monday, March 8, 2010

it's monday again. the weekend flew by . . . as usual! we had absolutely perfect weather this weekend in nola.

little miss and i got to escape for a few hours together on saturday for a birthday party. she got to play with her friends. i got to catch up with their moms.

sunday i actually got to have a meal with sean. he has a new office and has been there every night after work for the past week and a half trying to get all settled in. he's sharing a big office with his sister and brother-in-law. so there will be 3 businesses in the building. we are so excited because for the first time ever . . . sean's materials and tools won't be at our house . . . in his trailer . . . or in his truck. we haven't seen him much at all the past 10 days. so it was a treat to get to sit down and have lunch together. they are getting pretty close to being settled so hopefully this week will have less late nights for him.

right now . . . he is at little shrimp's and little brown eyes' school. it's community helpers week. so he is there telling the littles about his job as a contractor and teaching them about his tools. the girls were so excited they could hardly stand it. i think sean was equally excited. he called me right before he was supposed to be there asking how many littles were in the classes because he wanted to bring each of them a special surprise from the hardware store.

and for me . . . today i'm in my sewing room again! i'm working on this:
but i had a request from little miss to make these while she was at school. since i just finished her skirt . . . i decided to start something for our little buddy man. and i have 2 other little girls requesting some new threads too . . . hopefully i can find the time this week to spend in my sewing room making lots of fun new things for the littles!

happy monday!

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