Wednesday, September 5, 2007

school days . . . school days . . .

today was the big girls' first day of nursery school! they were so excited this morning . . . if you can't tell by pictures. i mentioned taking some pictures of them before we left and i walked out side with my camera and there was little miss standing in her sassy pants pose!

the catwalk hasn't seen anything yet . . . little shrimp would blow them away with her modeling!

no . . . they aren't always this sweet with each other. but this is what makes up for the hitting . . . pushing . . . kicking . . . and all of the other crazy sister stuff that goes on!

as we were heading out the door . . . little miss informed me that we couldn't leave yet because she had to color her new teacher a picture before we left because she would really like that. how cute is that?

i can't believe i sent my girls school with tote bags and no ribbon on them! i was going to get their new bags finished tonight . . . but the cable guy was here today . . . and we now have cable and internet! i'm in heaven right now! it's been a long time since i have seen something besides fuzzy (that would refer to rabbit ears and poor reception) pbs shows . . . and i'm loving that we have every single channel and dvr!! does it get any better? so . . . the girls will get to show off their new bags at school on friday. and of course . . . i will have to take some more pics.

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Domestic Chicky said...

Your daughters are beautiful! I am totally dreading my oldest going to school next year ::sob::

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