Sunday, September 9, 2007


friday i was working on the computer and little miss was sitting on my lap. she has been fascinated with my earrings for a little while now and always wants to take them out and the put them back in. i never let her because i am worried that they will get dropped and i will lose them . . . sean would not be too happy about that! well . . . this time i let her because i get tired of saying no to the girls so much. i'm so glad i did! the conversation went like this after i let her . . .

little miss: i think tomorrow is the day . . . hmmmm . . . yep tomorrow . . . that i want to get my ears pierced.

me: REALLY?!

little miss: yeah . . . i think tomorrow is when i want to do it.

me: ok . . . we are going to get them pierced tomorrow then! (i was so excited! i have wanted to get their ears pierced so many times but wanted to wait until they asked so it was their idea and not mine.)

so saturday morning we got up and she still wanted to do it . . . we had to run an errand and when we got home sean had to do a little work. so we told little miss when daddy was finished we would go.

here is the photo time line of getting little misses ears pierced . . .

sitting so big while they put the purple dots on her ears. (little shrimp is sitting right next to her taking it all in)

went from sitting so big . . . to 'mommy hold me.' but still was so brave and still wanted to do it. this is right at the count of 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!

oh man . . . i really didn't think it would hurt her that bad!

look how pretty they look! she even got to put real lip gloss on herself after it was all over!

ok . . . remember the picture above with little miss screaming? right after she got hers pierced . . . little shrimp looks at mommy and daddy and says, "i want to get my ears pierced too!" we were shocked! she had been saying since friday that she wanted earrings too and we figured as soon as she saw her sissy crying she would change her mind. boy were we wrong! so since she asked and she knew what was going to happen . . . we let her too.

here is little shrimp's photo time line . . .

i really can't believe she wants to do this and is sitting there so confident!

oh know . . . did i say i wanted to get my ears pierced? (notice she is sitting all by herself!)

oh man . . . somebody save me!

all done . . . or not! notice the gun still on her ear? the earring pierced but the back didn't go on and it got stuck!

one ear is pierced with an earring and the other is pierced but no earring in it. they had to re-pierce that one. my poor baby!

now its all over and she got lip gloss too!

they both love their new earrings so much! i think they feel so big! little shrimp likes hers the most i think. she keeps touching them so soft and saying look at my new earrings mommy! now we can't wait for little brown eyes to ask to get hers done!


Chrissy said...

What BRAVE girls! They are so precious! Their earrings look great.

Nana said...

Dylan & Bella your new ear rings are beautiful on your ears!!

Amz said...

oh, how cute! The look on Bella's face is so cute. Hailey will think that is cool! ;0)