Saturday, July 14, 2007

note to self . . .

keep vaseline out of reach of 2 year olds!

why is it that when we are about to go somewhere . . . one of my girls always has to get into something that she isn't supposed to? we were getting ready to head out on our 40 mile road trip to my favorite craft store when this crazy little girl (of course i still love her to pieces!) decided she needed to give her hair and her body and the kitchen cabinet that she was hiding in a vaseline treatment!

the best part about it . . . i wouldn't trade her or her SUPER greasy hair for anything in the world!


Nana said...

We think she's gorgeous with or without vaselined hair.. BUT remember as she grows taller she can reach higher...keep that vaseline HIGH UP!!

emily said...

that gorgeous vaseline hair took about 3 days to get clean!