Thursday, July 19, 2007

are we there yet?

ok . . . so here's a little background on how we ended up with this house. my husband is from new orleans. he is in construction. basically his whole family is in construction in new orleans. we have been living in s.w. missouri for the past 4 years. hurricane katrina makes her very unfortunate footprint on new orleans. there is more work in new orleans than missouri . . . a lot more work. sean starts traveling back and forth from missouri to new orleans to work. he is gone a lot . . . it was really not fun at all. this went on for a long time. sean wants us to travel with him. we get pregnant with our 3rd little one . . . very unexpectedly. i don't want to travel any more . . . baby #2 was premature and don't want to risk being 600 miles away from my ob/gyn when i go into labor. after baby #3 makes her debut we start traveling with sean again. all 5 of us shared a room at sean's parents house. it was great staying with them . . . but 5 people in one room was definitely not the most desirable situation! we decide to look for a place to stay while we are in new orleans. we rent a house . . . it's nice to have our own space now . . . but thank goodness we are about to move out of it! sean's dad, sean's brother, and sean buy a house in lakeview (an area in new orleans flooded from one of the levee breeches) to remodel and flip. sean enjoys doing a lot of the physical labor in construction and remodeling. the girls love to visit daddy while he is working. we visit him a lot when he is working in lakeview. sean and emily start to fall in love again . . . of course we are still in love . . . but we start to fall in love with this old colonial style house! we decide to buy sean's dad and sean's brother out on the project and make this our house in new orleans. the house had about 5 feet of water inside . . . maybe a little more. when they bought the house it had been completely gutted. the upstairs was fine . . . no damage. i wish i had pictures from the very beginning of the project but these are the first ones i took. the first time sean took me to see the house . . . i thought they were completely nuts! now several months later we can't wait to get into the house and be in lakeview. it is making its comeback and things are looking up for the area. it still needs a LOT of tlc. we actually will have neighbors. not a lot of neighbors but some. it is a good feeling knowing that we are doing our part to help lakeview and new orleans recover.

i think i might wait until we are completely finished to post anymore pics! the suspense is killing me too! i can't wait to see this house finished! the 2 weeks that we had left before we move in has turned into about 2 or 3 months! i do think there is light at the end of the tunnel though! we are ssoooo close to being finished!

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Nic said...

Oh wow--what an awesome process. I can't wait to see more pictures. :) I'm starting to fall in love, too!