Monday, July 30, 2007

at the hop

well the 50's surprise party that we went to saturday night was such a BLAST! everyone was dressed in theme and looked so awesome. not only were people dressed the part, but we all acted the part too! there was a d.j. playing all of the golden oldies that are so much fun to dance to. it was a long night, especially aftering staying up until 4 am finishing my poodle skirt friday night. i guess the time to be quiet in jefferson parrish is 11 pm because the police showed up at 11:05 to tell us it was time to turn the music off. what's funny is that when you would go inside, you couldn't even hear the music! so we are all thinking that someone didn't like the fact that there was a party on their street and they weren't invited! so after the sheriff put a damper on our party we decided to move into the future and we went to 80's night at a local bar! yes . . . we definitely turned a few heads when we all walked in with our 50's getup on! but we had a great time . . . i think we might have been having the most fun, still dancing 50's style, but to 80's music! saturday ended up being another late night . . . we didn't get home until about 4:30 am!

here are a few pics of the night . . . .

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