Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the coutdown is on!

my girls' cousins and aunts and uncles and their nana and pops will be here in 2 days! they are so excited they can hardly stand it! we are trying to get into our new house that we have been remodeling before they get here . . . .which is another blog entry or 10! so stay tuned for lots of fun pics from my family's visit to new orleans!

here is a little sneak peek of the remodeling adventure:

this is the outside (obviously) of our adorable house that we bought in new orleans. notice the infamous markings on the front door? yep . . . this house had water up to the guys head wearing the green shirt from the flooding after Hurricane Katrina! it's really a crazy thing . . . yes that we actually bought a house that was flooded and that fact that we are really excited about living in an area that is still recovering from the storm.

the remodeling is almost complete . . . i am going to try and post some pics tonight of the stages of progress thru the whole remodeling project.

right now i'm off to play a game with my girls because they are so patiently . . . . oh i mean impatiently waiting for me to finish this!

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daisy cottage said...

Congratulations Emily! It is beautiful!