Sunday, July 29, 2007

here she is miss america . . .

today was the arena bowl and we got to go! for those of you that are completely clueless, like me, and didn't even know that there was another football league besides the nfl . . . arena football is pretty cool! so anywho . . . the arena bowl is the super bowl of arena football.

so this is a pretty big game . . . if you are an arena football fan. i guess since this is a big game . . . they wanted a headliner to sing the national anthem. so we got to see "the miss america" today. she had an absolutely beautiful voice.

now on with the rest of the story . . . . i look up from our super, awesome, 3rd row seats and see her across the field. this is one time that i wish so bad that i hadn't forgotten my camera! her seat was basically directly across from us on the other side of the arena. well my husband and i were really intrigued with the way she carried herself throughout the rest of the game. she was chewing . . . . oops i mean smacking bubble gum, sat pretty much the entire game without a beautiful miss america like smile, and pretty much just looked completely bored. ok . . . so now you might be saying well maybe she doesn't like football and you could be right. but on a scheduled public appearance . . . we were completely shocked at how she presented herself. she honestly looked mad at the world that she actually watching a football game! i still can't believe i didn't have my camera.

i honestly really couldn't care too much less about miss america . . . i'm not a feminist by any means, but i don't really see the point of beautiful women strutting across a stage in their bikinis and evening gowns and the the winner of the pageant being recognized as "miss america." i know we had a great time and everyone else around us did too . . . i guess miss america doesn't know how to let loose and enjoy life!

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