Tuesday, July 31, 2007

moving day . . . finally!

i was beginning to wonder if this day would actually come! we are going to be moving into our house today. there are still a few things that we have to finish, but it's things that we can do while we are living there. here are a few more pics of what it is starting to look like. the pink and purple rooms are the for the girls. they are upstairs and that is the original wood flooring and it is so beautiful! the pink room is SO bright that you almost need to wear sunglasses in there! LOL!! but i promise it will be super cute when it is all finished . . . just wait! sean really wanted to make the trim nice . . . i think he definitely succeeded!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily!!! Beautiful house!!!! Got to see your little ones today. Little miss has gotten to come over and swim a couple of times and your little shrimp likes to come out and see Lillie. Hope to see you guys when you come in. I also wanted some info from you about you getting your real estate license. I am thinking about doing that. Please write me back and let me know some info. Holly- h.rasmussen@mchsi.com

Paula-Christine said...

A beautiful home! Hope you enjoy staying there. You have also beautiful daughters. I have 2 sons and would love a daugther. Enjoy them!