Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer science project . . .

little miss found a gorgeous caterpillar last week while we were outside walking the crazy cocker spaniel. after we did a little research . . . had to make sure it was a nice caterpillar . . . we decide to take him in as a little summer science project!
we had to find something to put him in until we could get a more comfortable house for him . . . and he must have really felt comfy inside the empty garlic container! he attached himself to the top the very next day, so we didn't even have time to get him a big, cozy house.

this is the timeline of events . . . little miss found mr. green on late saturday afternoon . . . put him in the plastic container . . . planned on getting something for him on sunday but ended up doing something and not making it to the store . . . when we got home sunday evening he had already attached him self to the lid and was just 'hanging' out . . . monday morning i looked at him the minute i came downstairs and he was still mr. green . . . little miss wanted to check on him around 4 pm . . . and he had already turned into a chrysalis and his molted skin was on the bottom of the tub! i don't have any idea how that all happened so quick in one day . . . and we didn't notice any of it!

supposedly he should remain a chrysalis for around 9-14 days . . . so we are thinking in the next week or so we should have a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly to release!

my favorite part about all of this . . . when little miss found mr. green . . . she said, "look mommy a caterpillar! i wonder when he will turn into a chrysalis?" i was really shocked and so proud that she knew such a scientific word! shrimp was asleep during the discovery . . . but as soon as she woke up little miss told her about our new pet . . . and the first thing out of shrimp's mouth, "when will it turn into a chrysalis?" i was even more shocked when my just barely 3 yr old knew this word! so . . . i asked where they learned about a chrysalis . . . and they both informed me that they learned all about them at school. this made me love their school even more . . . and made me so happy that they are remembering the things they learned!

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