Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's time . . .

to get this little monkey a big girl bed!

a couple of mornings ago . . . mommy and daddy were laying in bed wishing it wasn't already morning. little miss had made her way in when the sun came up to snuggle. shortly after, shrimp made her way into the bed with us to snuggle too. and then shortly after that . . . little miss said good morning to brown eyes as she climbed into bed with us as well.

then the light went off in my sleepy head . . . mommy and daddy didn't go get brown eyes. little miss is in here, so she didn't go get brown eyes from her crib either. shrimp is laying on me and so i know she didn't get brown eyes. and of course little man is . . . well . . . too little to get brown eyes.

brown eyes climbed out of her crib by herself! so now . . . we are thinking about a big girl bed for our little brown eyed girl!

(and no we don't let our children climb on the stairs . . . but i did feel it was photo worthy before i rescued her!)

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~love said...

our first 2 girls strongly disliked their cribs, so they were moved to trundle beds early. but, our 3rd little girl (who will be 2 next month) LOVES her crib. i keep thinking we'll soon be experincing exactly what little brown eyes did here....but not yet!

love that climbing the stairs pic!! =)