Thursday, May 1, 2008

not loving the caterpillars . . .

1. how many stinging caterpillars do you see?, 2. we don't like these!, 3. caterpillar sting

i thought sean was losing his mind a few years ago when he told me there were a such thing as stinging caterpillars. didn't take long for me to believe him when i saw a buck moth caterpillar for the first time. they are quite scary looking!

well . . . buck moth caterpillars love live oaks. and lucky us . . . we have a huge live oak right next to our driveway. so the past 3 weeks or so our driveway . . . our house . . . our sidewalk . . . have been covered with the little lovelies.

and about 3 weeks ago . . . my little shrimp was walking down the steps on the deck and there was one on the front of one of the wood steps that she didn't see. the whole caterpillar touched her leg and left a complete outline of his ugly little body. the picture of her leg above . . . that was yesterday! still looks pretty bad 3 weeks after she was stung! so needless to say . . . we don't like buck moth caterpillars. and there is a lot of screaming and super fast running when we see one!

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