Monday, February 22, 2010

now back to your regularly scheduled blogger . . .

thanksgiving . . . christmas . . . new year's . . . super bowl . . . and now mardi gras have all come and gone so quickly! and today the weather is beautiful . . . and i'm ready for spring!!

saturday, sean and i did some serious cleaning . . . i cleaned the house and he cleaned the dog. both were equally disgusting!

today is the kids first day back to school since mardi gras. kids in new orleans get a whole week off for mardi gras. it's great because it usually takes at least that to recover from mardi gras! mardi gras is always a blast and we always go non-stop so it's actually nice when it's over . . . at least for me.

we had a nice visit from my mom, aunt, cousin, and 2nd cousin during mardi gras! it was wonderful to have the extra hands around the house! and it was fun to share their first mardi gras with them! and it was wonderful to have babysitters while sean and i went to the orpheus ball . . . and got to meet sean payton!

while we were at the hotel getting ready for our fancy night i got a text that little miss lost something . . .
i can't believe our (big)baby girl lost her first tooth! i was excited for her . . . but so sad! once the teeth start falling out . . . they just don't look like babies any more! she wasn't thrilled with the idea that her tooth was going to fall out . . . but now that it's out and the new one is already starting to come in . . . she is wiggling all the others around to see if they are loose. i keep threatening her and telling her that i am going to superglue them all in so she can't grow up anymore!

happy monday!


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