Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i totally should be cleaning . . .

but i promised some pics of my last 2 completed sewing projects!

little man is asleep and has been for the entire 2 1/2 hours that i have been home this morning. and guess what . . . i haven't touched my house yet! i took the little girls' class pics yesterday at school and i have been trying to get them edited and ordered all morning . . . i have been on the phone with our new health insurance agent who is cutting our health insurance premium in half and we are getting WAY better coverage . . . and now i am blogging!

i promised pics this week . . . and it's already thursday and who knows when i will be able to have a few minutes on the computer again!

little man and myself were treated to some new threads last week! i never sew for myself . . . and i'm so glad i did! i have lots of plans for things for me now!

i love little jon jons on little boys . . . and little buddy man had outgrown all of his from last summer.

so he got a fresh new black and white gingham jon jon complete with his monogrammed initials!

i don't think there is anything cuter than a little boy in a jon jon and chuck's!
and for me . . .
a linen bubble skirt!

notes to self:
*little buddy man needs a hair cut!
*practice taking self portraits!
*remind the person who is taking my picture next time that it's ok for my face to be in the shot!
*remind shrimp that scratching her booty while having her picture taken isn't the best idea!
*CLEAN the craft room!!!!


Anonymous said...

super cute stuff!! You definitely need to keep sewing!
Love ya

beki said...

Cute, cute! P.S. I love your shoes!!

beki said...
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