Sunday, November 11, 2007

so sweet . . .

this conversation took place on my bed tonight while we were watching the wizard of oz. little miss was sound asleep!

shrimp: i love you dylan.
shrimp: i love my dylan mommy!
me: that is so sweet baby girl. sissy loves you too!
shrimp: she's big!
shrimp: i'm little.
me: i know she is big . . . and you are growing too and you will be that big soon.
shrimp: but i'm little now.

my little shrimp might be . . . well . . . a little shrimp but she has the biggest heart!


Nana said...

She is the most precious loving little shrimp I know!! Miss her so much!! and love her bunches!!!

~love said...

so sweet! and i love the little cheerleader below! too cute! =)