Sunday, November 11, 2007

think she is excited?

my little miss got her cheerleading uniform today and oh my goodness . . . she was so excited! i mean . . . just look at the smile! she couldn't wait to try it on. i have been trying to get her to show us her dance part of her competition routine for a long time now. well . . . she always tells me that she doesn't remember it. so of course . . . being the mom who wants her to do well at competition, i tell her make sure you are working extra hard at practice and really paying attention to coach fran so you can learn it really well. so tonight as soon as she gets her uniform on she says . . . mommy and daddy . . . . watch my dance! well the little stinker does the whole dance . . . and does it so well! this whole time i think she has known the dance and just didn't want to do it or maybe she just needed the uniform to give us the full effect!


Nana said...

She just looks like a natural!! cutest little cheerleader since her mom!!
Can't wait to see her dance and routine!!
Love that little cheerleader bunches!! and miss her!!

Chrissy said...

Like mother like daughter!!! You have to get video of her doing her dance. We can't wait to see it in the Springfield area!!!