Sunday, December 16, 2007

today's the big day . . .

today is little miss' first cheerleading competition! you can be sure i will have tons of pictures to post later in the day and hopefully a video as well. i'm not sure who's more excited . . . me or little miss! i'm just hoping she's not a grouch today. she came downstairs last night at about 1:30 am while i was trying to get shrimp's shirt finished (i will have pictures of that as well). she was coughing like crazy. so i gave her some medicine and let her get in our bed. well once little miss starts coughing . . . she doesn't stop until she gags! and of course at about 2:30 she gagged and i had to try and rummage up some extra blankets to put on our bed! and then she knocked out . . . and has slept like a baby since!

so . . . stay tuned for pictures of the little dynasty cheerleader!

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