Wednesday, July 30, 2008

me two . . .

today our little brown eyed girl is 2 years old! i can't believe how fast she is growing! and yes . . . she is very dirty! that is a combination of cheetos and chocolate cake batter. sound tastey? and yes . . . she is nakey! and i'm proud to say she hasn't had a diaper on the entire day and hasn't had one accident! (big girl panties are definitely going to be one of her birthday presents!) i'm not sure if 2 year olds understand birthdays . . . but she has been walking around the house all day (yes . . . nakey!) singing, "it's me burbay . . . it's me burbay . . . it's me burbay!" and not to mention . . . that if you ask her any question the answer is, "me two!"

happy birthday baby girl!


Anonymous said...

She's so precious!! hope she had a fun day!! and enjoyed her presents.
Happy Birthday!! we love you bunches and GOBS!!
nana & pops

Pappnase said...

A little to late but:
Happy Birthday sweet little Girl!!

She is sooo cute.

I think she understands what a birthday is. Everything is about her on that day.

Hope you all had a nice day.

best wishes


Chrissy said...

Happy birthday big girl! There's no better way to celebrate than exactly the way you started...NAKEY!!!