Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the last one . . .

friday night little miss had her end of the season soccer party at a great, little pizza shop. got her first soccer trophy . . . which come to think of it is still in my purse. i think that if i forgot about a trophy being in my purse . . . that is a good indication that my purse is a.) too big and b.) really needs to be cleaned out!

saturday morning she played her last game of the season. we are a little bummed that the season if over. going to the soccer fields on saturday mornings has been a lot of fun. weather in southern louisiana this time of year is usually awesome . . . so starting the weekend outside watching soccer has been a lot of fun. unfortunately . . . the summers are so hot in new orleans that they don't have a summer soccer session. the good thing . . . we have all summer to practice and get ready for the fall session!

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