Wednesday, April 15, 2009

top secret . . .

sean and i went on a really long bike ride saturday. i think we covered every inch of city park and then some more! we had such a wonderful time . . . even though my legs hurt so bad that night i could hardly move!

on our ride we came across this:
we actually knew it was there . . . and had been wanting to get up close and personal with it. it's a good thing i started taking pictures before we got too close. the security guard that was sitting in the middle of nowhere in city park said pictures of the movie set weren't allowed!

i also asked her what the movie was going to be. she said, "sorry can't tell you!"

she must have forgotten about this little thing called . . . google!

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Anonymous said...

Well that's cool!! will the set stay there and become part of the park now when the filming is over? Wonder if Brad Pitt has anything to do with the movie? Love ya Mom